Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Darkness Trailers on GameTrailers.com!

Check out the badass trailers now up on GameTrailers.com for The Darkness! I highly recommend the "Heart of The Darkness" and the GT Exclusive trailers!
Plus check out the reviews as they are coming flooding in from game magazines left and right!

IGN.com -
“Four hours into The Darkness and it's living up to its larger-than-life billing. There are a few concerns, including some AI issues and the aforementioned snake-control troubles. But overall, these problems can be overlooked in favor of some of the sweet executions.”

Team X-Box -
“When we heard that 2K was doing a comic game, we weren’t sure how to feel about it. Now that we’ve had some time in Jackie’s shoes, it seems that The Darkness could end up one of the sleeper hits of 2007”

Game Informer -
“If you’re on the market for something different, and you have the stomach for it, you might want to look into the Darkness. It’s always fun to play as an anti-hero, which the game lets you do and more. Its tone might scare some players away, as will its comic-book roots, but fans of FPSs who aren’t afraid of trying new things should give it a shot.”

Eurogamer -
“So, the vital question; should you be quivering in anticipation of The Darkness' launch at the end of this month? In simple terms, if you enjoyed Riddick, or if you have ever liked first-person shooters, or horror games, or both, then yes, The Darkness is a fascinating prospect. In even more simple terms, quickly popping this game onto the Xbox 360 debug unit to check that it worked turned into a lost weekend, a remorseful 4am bedtime, and watching the credit screen roll past at some ungodly hour on Sunday night. This, believe me, doesn't happen very often around here. Call it the lure of the Darkness”

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