Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Broken Frontier: Top Cow at Phoenix Comicon

Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that they will be exhibiting at Phoenix ComiCon in Phoenix, Arizona over the Memorial Day weekend. The four-day event will open to the public on Thursday afternoon, May 27 and run though Sunday, May 30, 2010, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Fans are encouraged to stop by the Top Cow booth (#200-201) to meet their favorite creators, receive free samples comics, and shop for limited edition convention exclusives as well as their favorite Top Cow comics.

Among the creators appearing at the booth will be pencilers Nelson Blake II (Pilot Season: Murderer, Magdalena), Sheldon Mitchell (Pilot Season: Stealth, The Darkness), Eric Basaldua (Witchblade: Annual, Hunter-Killer) and inker Ryan Winn (The Darkness). Stop by the Top Cow booth (#200-201) for signing times.

Phoenix ComiCon kicks off at 6PM on Thursday, May 27th and runs to 9PM. The convention will open Friday, May 28th from 12PM to 8PM, Saturday, May 29th from 10AM to 7PM, and Sunday, May 30th from 10AM to 5PM.

Source: Broken Frontier

Newsarama: ARTIFACTS: Prologue 3: ANGELUS

There are 10 weeks remaining until Artifacts begins.

Jackie: Every time the Curator pulls his scroll of the Thirteen from behind the counter of his shop of curios... well, I’d rather I was at a 7-Eleven and the clerk was pulling a .45 on my ass.

Sara: The Witchblade and I got along just fine before the Curator shoved his way into my life. Sure, I have a deeper understanding of what this thing on my wrist is thanks to him but the detective in me refuses to shake the feeling that more harm has been thrown my way as a result of his vague proclamations and shenanigans.

Dani: I think I know what you both mean, sort of. It’s strange to me how much the Curator has me convinced that each Artifact chooses its bearer. Like we have no say in the matter.

Jackie: Well Missy, what excuse have you got for being chosen by the Angelus? Forgive me if I can’t quite understand how a failed dancer from New Orleans can keep one of the primitive forces of the universe on the b***h end of a gilded poodle leash.

Read the full article here.

Source: Newsarama

CBR: Experience "Rapture" on the Road to "Artifacts"

Hell hath no fury like a man of god scorned - a man like Tom Judge, wielder of the Rapture.

Judge is one of the Top Cow Universe's elite Artifact-bearers, a group consisting of Sara Pezzini (Witchblade), Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) and Danielle Baptiste (The Angelus). But there's a major distinction between Judge and the aforementioned bearers - unlike these Earth-dwellers, Judge's current place of residence is the depths of Hell. Of course, that's not to say that he won't have an important role to play when the time comes for "Artifacts," the 13-issue series written by Ron Marz and illustrated by a team of artists including Michael Broussard. CBR News spoke with Marz and Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik to learn more about Judge and his role in "Artifacts."

"Tom Judge is a defrocked priest, and like a lot of the other characters in the Top Cow Universe, he's somebody with a lot of shades of grey," Marz told CBR of Judge. "He's very much a fallen man and also a guy who paid the ultimate price for his sins and got sent straight to Hell - which is where he currently resides."

Read more about Tom Judge and the Rapture here.

Source: CBR

iFanboy's A Taste of Comics #6 - Breakfast

With the large string of conventions behind them, C.B. Cebulski, Filip Sablik, Russ Cundiff and Ron Richards get together to talk about their favorite spots around the country for the first meal of the day, breakfast. In addition to the world of breakfast, they talk up some of their favorite spots to eat, including the best meatball sandwich and best pastrami sandwich for lunch and the amazingness of Dumpling trucks.

In comics, C.B. is loving Ultimate Spider-Man, Ron raves about Daytripper, Filip is late to the game but loves Detective Comics and finally Russ throws a curveball questioning the paper quality at Vertigo and Filip and C.B. share their opinions and it ain't pretty

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bloody Disgusting: Top Cow's "Darkness" Has a Date with the "Four Horsemen" This August

With "ARTIFACTS' on the horizon, and a whole slew of new titles for the Summer, one story from Top Cow Comics that will be hard to forget is "THE DARKNESS". The highly popular title will be heading into an all new story this August titled "FOUR HORSEMEN", and thanks to Top Cow you can take a look at the cover and get the skinny beyond the break.

Read the full article here.

Newsarama: Broussard Provides the Art of ARTIFACTS for Top Cow

For a company that was founded by one of the industry’s premiere artists Marc Silvestri, the quality of the artwork for any series with the publisher’s name attached is a key thing. And when the series is the pinnacle for years of background storytelling and the publisher’s key event for the year, that makes the choice of the right artist for Top Cow’s upcoming miniseries Artifacts even more imperative.

Earlier this month we spoke with the series’ writer Ron Marz, and now we turn to Michael Broussard, who will be illustrating the first four issues of Artifacts. Broussard is one of several artists who have made their name working at Top Cow; Broussard joined the company by way of winning their 2006 Talent Search and has most recently been the series artist for The Darkness. And now as he turns his attention to Artifacts, he’s getting the chance to draw virtually all of the publishers’ characters, and being the key artist for the company’s biggest book ever. For more, we talked with Broussard by phone about this project which debuts in late June.

Read the full interview here.

Graphic Policy Reviews Darkness/Darkchylde

The story is in a very interesting style coming from Ariel Chylde’s perspective and relying heavily on her narration. Darkchylde and the Darkness battle for half the comic and the ending is very interesting. The art is pretty impressive and that alone makes worth checking out the one shot.

Read the full review here.

An Important Note for The Cow

Hey Herders,

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and delays in getting you any information on the Top Cow website.

The Top Cow website, Moosletter and Top Cow Store are all being transitioned to go live soon! We're completely grateful that you've stuck it out with us as we transitioned ourselves.

Thank you so much for your patience and support! We can't wait to share with all of you everything we've got planning at The Cow!

- The Top Cow Team

Upcoming Releases:

5/26: Darkness/Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain one-shot, Tracker #4
6/9: Angelus #4, Magdalena #2
6/16: Berserker #6, Velocity #1
6/23: Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #3, Darkness #85, Witchblade #137
6/30: Pilot Season: Stellar #1

Sending Out the Herd Signal: Vote for Matt Timson in the Eagle Awards

Our very own Impaler's Matt Timson is up for an Eagle Award.

Be sure to vote for Matt in the "Favourite Newcomer Artist" category.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Broken Frontier Reviews Pilot Season: Stealth #1

Stealth #1 is part of Pilot Season, which is an annual Top Cow initiative which lets readers choose which one-shot will be made into an ongoing series. Usually, different writers and artists compete, but this year each is written by Robert Kirkman. Kirkman is one of the best writers in the industry today, so it’s a safe bet that each issue of this Pilot Season will be equally amazing. Stealth is the third of five books, following Murderer and Demonic, and preceding Stellar and Hardcore. As always, Kirkman meets and exceeds expectations in this non-traditional superhero comic book.

Read the full review here.

Broken Frontier Highlights Top Cow August 2010 Solicits

Top Cow has provided BF with the following info and some images on their August 2010 pre-orders.

Read the full Article here.

Playback:stl Previews Darkness/Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain One Shot

A new armor for Jackie Estacado, the bearer of The Darkness, and a new beginning for Ariel Chylde, the girl who can become creatures from her nightmares! Jackie intercepts a physic plea for help, and frees Ariel from a self imposed, seven-year exile. But what happens when these fan favorite monster makers encounter a new threat that can create anything? Guest starring Witchblade!

Read the full article here.

Twitter Report: Ron Marz & Marc Bernardin Reflect on LOST Finale

Since the "Lost" series finale concluded Sunday night, Twitter friendships have been placed in jeopardy, "Battlestar Galactica" comparisons have been made, and occasionally satisfaction was experienced. While Brian Michael Bendis was unfollowing spoiler-posters, Ron Marz decided that he was OK with where the episode left everyone. Then there was Dennis Calero, who reached a common ground between the show's failures and successes.

All in all, it was night of fiery words and critical screams in the Twitter Report feed, but I've summed up the big picture in retweets below as best I could. You can read on through to find out where everyone stands, and if you make it to the end I can promise you a glimpse of the most disturbing horse costume you've ever laid eyes on.

This is the Twitter Report for May 24, 2010.

@ronmarz Interesting LOST reactions. People who were more invested in arcane mythology of the island are pissed off about answers they didn't get.
-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

@marcbernardin man, was that ever better than Battlestar Galactica's finale. BURN!
-Marc Bernardin, Writer ("The Authority," "The Highwaymen")

Read more LOST reflections here.

Source: MTV Splashpage

Friday, May 21, 2010

Newsarama: TOP COW August 2010 Solicits with IMAGE Text

New promised #1s, continuations of big crossovers, and more in this month's Solicitations from Image Comics and sister company Top Cow!

Newsarama Note: Due to technical difficulties, we'll have the Image covers for you this weekend, but for now, take a look at the full solicitations from both sides of the fence, and the images for the Top Cow August offerings!


art & cover JEFF WAMESTER
The Darkest Tale of The Darkness Yet!

Jackie Estacado has known little fear since he inherited the power of The Darkness on his 21st birthday. But when an old mafia boss blackmails him to hunt down four fiendish bikers in the California desert, he will find that even The Darkness can know fear.

From David Hine (Batman: Arkham Asylum) and up-an-coming artist Jeff Wamester (RAZE).

art & cover ALINA URUSOV
Sara has to make amends with an innocent man she sent to prison.

Before young Sara Pezzini was called to bear the Witchblade she made a horrible mistake that destroyed a man’s life. Today that man is being released from prison and has to put the pieces of his life back together. In order to protect his family, this desperate father made a deal with demonic forces, and now it is time to pay. When Sara tries to reach out and make her past wrong right, she's confronted by demonic forces. The stakes: a man's very soul.

Written by Phil Smith (Trinity: Blood on the Sands) with art by Alina Urusov (X-23, Young Avengers).

To see what other offerings Top Cow will have for you this August, go here.

Source: Newsarama

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twitter Report: Ron Marz Reflects on Gulf Oil Spill

@ronmarz Watched CBS video showing Gulf oil spill far worse than reported. Then player auto loaded Early Show happy cooking segment ... for seafood.
-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

Read more here.

Source: MTV Splashpage

CBR Exclusive Preview: Select Pages from Darkness/Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain

STORY BY: Randy Queen
ART BY: Randy Queen, Sarah Queen
COVER BY: Randy Queen, Sarah Queen
PUBLISHER: Top Cow Productions
RELEASE DATE: Wed, May 26th, 2010

The Return of Randy Queen’s Darkchylde!

A new armor for Jackie Estacado, the bearer of The Darkness, and a new beginning for Ariel Chylde, the girl who can become creatures from her nightmares! Jackie intercepts a physic plea for help, and frees Ariel from a self imposed, seven-year exile. But what happens when these fan favorite monster makers encounter a new threat that can create anything? Guest starring Witchblade!

Also includes a bonus 8 page never-before-seen preview of Starfall, the highly anticipated sci-fi horror title from Randy and Sarah Queen!

See more preview pages here.

Source: CBR

UGO Exclusive Preview: Tracker #4

Exclusive Preview of Top Cow’s Tracker #4

Story: Jonathan Lincoln
Art: Derec Donovan
Cover: Francis Tsai

The first property from Top Cow and Heroes and Villains Entertainment is here!

FBI tracker Alex O'Roark and his partner Jezebel Kendal become more and more desperate to capture serial killer Herod and resort to using a young boy afflicted with lycanthropy as bait. Will the risky gambit come back to bite them?

32 Pages / Full Color / $3.99

See the full preview here.

Source: UGO

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graze Anatomy: Linda Sejic (Stjepan's wife)

Our man Stjepan Sejic is not the only person in his household with talent. Check out his wife Linda's awesome color job on a Marc Silvestri drawing.

See the full size image here.

Twitter Report: Marc Bernardin Reflects on Ronnie James Dio

Frank Frazetta's death hit Twitter pretty hard last week, but when news broke that former Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio passed away last night, writers and artists alike were hit with a second round of shock. In fact, the last 12 hours of tweets in the comics Twitterverse has been totally dominated by personal experiences, appreciation and occasional expressions of indifference from those who never really clicked with Dio's message of dragons, magic and metal.

Read the ful article here.

Newsarama: ARTIFACTS Prologue 2: The Trinity Evaluates FIRE & ICE

The World Doesn’t End in 2012. It Ends in 2011:
Countdown to Artifacts
Newsarama Note: This is the official prologue to the upcoming series Artifacts. The team at Top Cow Productions brings us an exclusive inside look at each of the mystical Artifacts, as Sara Pezzini, Danielle Baptiste, and Jackie Estacado give their unique perspectives on the sources of power. Come back each week for more information on the other Artifacts.

Read the full article here.

Comic Book Page Interviews Ron Marz about Artifacts #1

John Mayo and Bob Bretall talk with various creators about items in the May 2010 Previews catalog.

Get the podcast here.

CBR: "Angelus" Soars on the Road to "Artifacts"

While Dani is flying high in her very own "Angelus" miniseries from Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic, she's also slated to soar in another major event this summer with "Artifacts," the upcoming 13-issue series from Marz and a rotating team of artists including Michael Broussard. CBR News spoke with Marz and Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik to learn more about Danielle, the Angelus and how they both factor into "Artifacts."

Read the here.

Flashback: Flames rising C2E2 post show wrap up.

Top Cow Productions had a big appearance at the show as well. NFL football star Lance Briggs from the Chicago Bears spoke about his love for THE DARKNESS. Be sure to check out Lance’s Comic World to see him on a cover of THE DARKNESS. (Mind you, things do not end well for Lance’s character…) Several of the Top Cow Productions writers and artists were on hand to offer their thoughts about the show. Top Cow artist Jeremy Haun had this to share with us about his thoughts on C2E2, “The amount of talent and scale for a first show is just incredible.”

Read the full aritcle here.

Geeks of Doom review Magdalena #1

Finally Ron Marz, known for his other recent Top Cow work on Witchblade and Broken Trinity, got his wish to work on The Magdalena and wow did he start off great. I really was blown away by this first issue of the new run. It isn’t very easy to please everyone with a first issue, but I think Marz did a great job of mixing in references to the old material as well as inform new readers of what they’re in for. Doing all this while peppering in characterization for all of the main cast shows just how much love Marz has for the series.

Read the full article here.

Newsok rates Milo Ventimiglia: Nerdage’s #18 actor

“Heroes” star Milo Ventimiglia comes in at #18 on Nerdage’s list of actors with geek appeal. Not only does Ventimiglia star as a superhero on the nerd-friendly “Heroes,” he’s also produced his own comic book – “Berserker,” from Top Cow. Ventimiglia starred in a viral video promoting the comic.

Read the full article here.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles - Darkchylde ‘Ariel’ Statue

With the triumphant release of the highly anticipated crossover with Top Cow’s The Darkness, and her first ever statue release through Jerry Macaluso’s PopCutureShock, fans of Randy Queen’s nightmare haunted beauty Ariel Chylde will be in for some happy surprises this May. And Darkchylde excitement should hit a fever pitch when test footage for a Darkchylde film created by the Academy award winning Weta Workshop hits the net around the same time.

See the full article here.

Exfanding talks Magdalena

Top Cow has handed the reigns of the character over to their main man, Ron Marz, and the Magdalena is now the leading lady in her own on-going title. Conveniently enough, there's a Magdalena movie in the works, but hey, here's hoping the new series gives the character her due.

Read te full article here.

Flashback: Briggs on video talks comics

Yes, you read that right. Today, we bring to you a very special interview with 5-time Pro-Bowl Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs. But the Chicago Bears? Linebacker? Pro-Bowl? “That’s football stuff!” you proclaim. True, it is football. But Mr. Briggs also happens to be a huge comics fan. We’re not talking about “got caught on camera once looking at a Spider-Man comic” kind of a fan. We’re talking about real deal comics enthusiast. So much so that during our hometown comic convention, the inaugural Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (better known as C2E2), Briggs hosted his own “dream panel,” talking to fans as well as some of his favorite comics creators. He’s a proclaimed Top Cow fan, and the publisher actually printed a variant cover of The Darkness featuring Briggs this month. That’s the kind of comics fan we’re talking. So it was our honor to catch up with Briggs following his panel to talk about his love for the medium, as well as his newly launched charity, the Briggs 4 Kidz Foundation. Bill interviewed, and Tom filmed. Go Bears!

See it here.

Flashback: CBR recaps Top Cows panel at C2E2

Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, Top Cow fans were treated to a panel filled with some of the company's most prominent creators including Phil Hester ("The Darkness"), Bryan Edward Hill ("Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box"), Nelson Blake II ("Magdalena") and Ron Marz ("Witchblade," "Angelus"). Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik moderated the panel and covered a wide range of topics, starting with the company's major summer event - "Artifacts."

Read the full article here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Comics Podcast Network Spotlights Pilot Season: Stealth #1


Get the podcast here.

Ideology of Madness: Collecting Artifacts: The Darkness

The FCBD issue of Artifacts introduced readers to the 13 Artifacts and mythology of the Top Cow Universe, including The Witchblade and The Darkness, two of the company’s longest running titles. Still, if you’re confused after reading the FCBD issue, hankering for more information, or missed out on the book, your friends at Funnybooks and are here to help get you caught up on what is sure to be an AWESOME comic book event!

Read the full article here.

Newsarama Exclusive Preview: Darkness/Darkchylde: Kingdom of Pain

The Return of Randy Queen’s Darkchylde!
A new armor for Jackie Estacado, the bearer of The Darkness, and a new beginning for Ariel Chylde, the girl who can become creatures from her nightmares! Jackie intercepts a physic plea for help, and frees Ariel from a self imposed, seven-year exile. But what happens when these fan favorite monster makers encounter a new threat that can create anything? Find out this Christmas, when things get dark! Guest starring Witchblade!

Read the full preview here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Rocafort Files

Above we have posted an illustration of Belle, from the Disney film Beauty & The Beast. The winner of our most recent poll -- the one showcasing a myriad of characters from most of Disney animated films -- Belle won the vote by a substantial margin.

See the full image here.

Here are some for Graze Anatomy: The Rocafort Files

Above you will find Kenneth's illustration of John Blacksad, the protagonist from a series of comic albums published by French publisher Dargud. Created by Juan Diaz Canales & Juanjo Guarnido, the character was the winner of our BLACKSAD poll from a few weeks past. We hope you approve of Kenneth's take on the character.

For the full image here.

Graze Anatomy: The Rocafort Files

above we have posted the winner of our G.I. Joe Poll: The Baroness! We hope you love the illustration as much as we do.

See the full image here.

Graze Anotomy: The Rocafort Files

Above we have posted the illustration Kenneth created of Snow White, the winner of our Fables poll. Beautiful, is it not? Anyway, thanks to all of you who voted in the Fables poll of a few weeks ago -- you all make this blog a joy. Your interest, support, and participation are truly appreciated.

See the image full size here.

Comic Attack: Free Comic Book Day 2010 Part 3!

Welcome back to part 3 of our celebration of Free Comic Book Day 2010! In part 1 we traveled across North America, showing off a handful of comic shops from across the country and what their store was up to during FCBD. In part 2 we stopped by Collector’s Paradise in Los Angeles, and today we’ll meet the special guests they had signing comics and doing sketches all day long!

Read the full review here.

Top Computer Games Reviews The Darkness

Graphically, this game is absolutely stunning in its graphical beauty.
The dark gritty New York City streets really give off that "real-city" vibe.
Garbage litters the streets and the subway systems, graffiti covers practically every wall (and this graffiti looks like actually graffiti that you would see in real life).
So much detail has been put into the floors, ceilings, walls and in you general surroundings that it is very easy to get deeply immersed in The Darkness.
Following in true Next Gen graphic style, all the wood surfaces in the game look like real wood, metal resembles real metal, concrete looks amazingly realistic. You can see chips in paint, cracks and chips in the concrete - its literally stunning.

Read the full review here.

Westfield Comics Sits Down with Ron Marz

In his career in comics, Ron Marz has written such books as Marvel’s Silver Surfer, DC’s Green Lantern and Ion, Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Darth Maul, and CrossGen’s Mystic and Scion. Recently, he has written a number of Top Cow titles, which are published by Image, including Witchblade, First Born, Angelus, and Magdalena. This month he begins Artifacts, a series that will change the Top Cow Universe. Westfield’s Roger Ash recently spoke with Ron about this series.

Read the full interview here.

Comic Book Page Spotlights Artifacts #1 with Ron Marz

Check out this podcast where Ron Marz talks Artifacts!

Get the podcast here.

Jimmy's Juke Joint Reviews Pilot Season: Stealth #1

The first reason is that the concept behind Pilot Season is to provide comic readers with fresh new concepts that fans can get behind. It’s a fun experiment that tends to turn out more good comics than bad. This issue takes the concept of a fresh and new idea and dunks it with the power of Dwight Howard and the elegance of Lebron James. The idea of a superhero suffering through the late stages of Alzheimer’s is a very neat idea. I really would like to see this as a maxi series. A long run wouldn’t work but a maxi with the same emotion present in this story would be amazing.

Read the full review here.

Multiversity Comics Reviews Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #2

So as I’ve stated, the story as told by Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill is easy to access and intriguing. What I haven’t yet covered is the art. Alessandro Vitti provides some nice looking work that really flies in the face of my preconceived notion of Top Cow’s art. I know this is something we discussed on the site and with Top Cow in interviews but as they say the proof is in the pudding and this is some tasty pudding. Not to say that the art on Witchblade is bad art by any means but it wouldn’t work as well here and it’s nice to see the diversity that I’ve heard about over the course of the last year or so for my very own eyes.

Read the full review here.

Comic Attack Reviews Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #2

Rob and Bryan are developing Finn and Glori quite well, and though they are not well known characters and don’t have the status of say Darkness or Witchblade, there is no doubt in my mind that after all of this is said and done they will have moved up a few notches. I’d suggest checking this out not only to get yourself acquainted with the characters before Artifacts starts this summer, but just because the story itself is worth it alone.

Read the full review here.

The Comic Addiction Reviews Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #2

Alesandro Vitti (with Secret Warriors claim-to-fame) returns to provide some stunning artwork. His pencils and inks really bring the characters of Glori and Finn to life, and Sunny Gho’s colors felt perfect for the story. The issue is extremely fast-paced but it’s easy to follow and flows very naturally. Reading the book is like sitting down and watching a Tomb Raider movie.
In the coming issues, I really look forward to the character development of both Glori and Finn. These characters are both very young and new to the Top Cow universe and provide a refreshing break from the Trinity (Darkness, Angelus and Witchblade). I really look forward to the inevitable showdown between Glorianna and Michael.

Read the full review here.

Pop Culture Hound Reviews Witchblade #136

When I first saw that Aphrodite IV was appearing in Witchblade, I thought my memory was playing tricks on me. Wasn't her name Aphrodite IX? Well, yes, it was. It turns out Aphrodite IV is an earlier model, with the same great look conceived by David Finch all those years ago, but tweaked slightly and not as 'perfect' as the version I knew. It's an interesting concept - taking a character who was classic Top Cow T&A and trying to flesh her out rather than show off her flesh - and it works.

Reead the full review here.

Comic Book Revolution Reviews Witchblade #136

I really did like this story arc, especially with how it followed up on Aphrodite fighting Sara a while back. Seeing these 2 characters actually interact like this really was great and even more so this issue did an amazing job of getting me excited for Artifacts. Sure the ending was just a lead in to the prologue but knowing where Aphrodite is going is absolutely awesome and I’m really psyched to see her and Sara clash again in Artifacts.

Read the full review here.

Blog Critics Reviews Witchblade #136

Witchblade #136 is the third part of a story arc called "Almost Human," and it sees Sara Pezzini working with Aphrodite IV. They have established an uneasy truce between them as they need each other’s help to achieve their goals, Pezzini’s is the taking down of a corrupt mega-corporation Cyberdata and Aphrodite’s is the tracking down of a scientist that Cyberdata is trying to protect. At the Cyberdata complex they battle three Cyborgs based off Aphrodite’s design in a rather impressive yet short altercation that’s made exciting by the unique abilities of Pezzini and the cyborgs.

Read the full review here.

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews #136

In the conclusion to the "Almost Human" arc, we find Sara Pezzini and cyborg assassin Aphrodite IV up against cybernetic upgrades of Aphrodite herself. The two take down Aphrodite's "sisters" almost too easily and then move on to Dr. Singh, the rogue scientist that created the Aphrodite models. Of course, you can never trust a cyborg assassin these days and things go horribly awry. Ron Marz has stepped away from the supernatural these past issues and delved more into the cybernetic side of Top Cow this arc, which is interesting to note that Artifacts #0 immediately follows this issue, which I'm sure will give you more than enough of the best supernatural action you've seen in a while. Marz and his comrade in arts, Stjepan Sejic continues to push the boundary on what a great team up can accomplish. His layouts are exciting and conveys the tone of danger and action that Marz has directed in the story. Some parts Sejic's art didn't seem as finished as others, but it didn't take me out of drama.

Read the full review here.

Omnicomic Reviews Witchblade #136

I love the way I can see all the different titles in the Top Cow universe coming together as Marz slowly closes the plots together in preparation for the Artifacts series. The writing is up to its usual good pacing, with interesting dialogue while the artwork is colorful and the battles really pop. I enjoyed this issue and couldn’t be more excited for the massive upcoming storyline to come. Top Cow is on fire, and with Marz leading the way I see nothing but good things in the future.

Read the full review here.

Comic Box Reviews Witchblade #136 (in French)

heres another french review from the good peopl at comic box.

Read it here.