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For their FCBD giveaway, Top Cow brings out their big guns with Artifacts #0, written by Ron Marz (Witchblade, Magdalena), and stunningly illustrated by Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, Angelus). If you've been wondering what's going on with Top Cow, and it has been going on for about 5 years now, Artifacts #0 will bring you up to speed with the world of Top Cow, including Witchblade, The Darkness, Angelus, and more, setting the stage for their next big movement, the 13 issue Artifacts series.

In addition, Top Cow talent have spread out all over the US, including an appearance by Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri and artist Michael Broussard at Collector's Paradise (actually my old shop...) in Los Angeles.

For more details on signings, please see the listings here.

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FEARNet Recommends The Crazies

FEARNet's Audrey is off on a scary comic kick and dabbles in some The Crazies.

Watch the video here.

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Techland's Panel of the Week: Magdalena

It was a week for the throwback. Rereleased books, classic writers, and relaunched franchises were the order of the Wednesday. Today we examine forbidden love, father-son day, destined spears, and vampires of the new world, all here on Panel of the Week.

Magdalena #1
I was pleasantly surprised by this relaunch of Magdalena. I was expecting more of the usual hot nun with katanas fighting demons, and to be fair there was a bit of that, but there was also some decent history of the character and the introduction of an interesting new villain. This is still a Top Cow comic so we got no less than three huge splash pages of Patience in different saucy outfits. This is the most relevant. If a word like relevant can ever be used in the context of Magdalena.

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Westfield Comics Highlights Pilot Season: Stealth

Comic Highlights This Week: Everyone that’s been waiting for those White Lantern rings will want to pick up Brightest Day #1; Mike Allred draws iZombie #1; Kirkman & Silvertri’s Pilot Season continues with Pilot Season Stealth #1, with art by Sheldon Mitchell; the critically-acclaimed Archaia Comics series returns with Secret History Book 8; Twilight wraps up in Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35; the Search for Bruce Wayne continues in Batman and Robin #12; both Zorro: Matanas and Astro City Dark Age Book 4 wrap up with #4 this week; the Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #1 gives you yet another opportunity to read even more adventures starring the two; and there’s always a plethora of other great comics in stock, too!

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USA Today: Free Comic Book Day arrives at local comic shops

The first Saturday in May is always a wonderful time of year if you're a comic book fan. That particular day marks the annual Free Comic Book Day, in which comic book shops give away select free comics to anyone who comes into their stores.

The annual event, which began in 2001, has grown tremendously over the years — both in terms of the amount of titles available and the popularity of the program. Publishers produce special titles just for this day as a means of attracting new readers. The stories are usually brief and serve as preludes or previews for upcoming releases.

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day 2010. Readers are encouraged to take a trip to their local comic book shop and take a peek at some of the tremendous work that's being produced these days. After all, it's the one day of the year when, even if you choose not to buy a book, you won't leave the shop empty-handed.

For a look at 33 of the comic books involved in this year's Free Comic Book Day, and to find a participating comic book shop that you can visit in your area tomorrow, click here to go to the official Free Comic Book Day website.

USA TODAY contacted many of the creators who have titles available for this year's Free Comic Book Day. The creators were asked about the first comic book they can remember buying, why the day is important for potential new readers and for the industry, and for a brief description of the books that they created for this annual event.

Filip Sablik (Publisher, Top Cow Productions)

I'm sure [my first comic book] was an Archie or Mickey Mouse or something like that, but the first comic that burned itself into my retinas was Uncanny X-Men #268 by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, & Scott Williams. Wolverine, Captain America, and Black Widow kicking butt during World War 2 and the present was magical. I think that was the comic that sucked me into collecting.

Who doesn't love free stuff? It gives new readers a chance to discover this wonderful art form of ours and gives existing fans a chance to explore titles and publishers they may have never tried.

It gives publishers a chance to promote exciting new projects and their favorite evergreen characters in a big way. For retailers, it's a built-in community building, business expanding event that happens every year with national publicity. It's also a chance to show the public that comics are more than superheroes, more than kids' fare, and why all of entertainment seems to be fueled by comics these days.

Artifacts#0 launches our most ambitious and epic event series to date. In the Top Cow Universe, there are 13 mystical, ancient Artifacts, which influence the fate of mankind. Individually they are incredibly powerful and include among their number — the Witchblade, The Darkness, The Angelus, Magdalena's Spear of Destiny, and 9 other items. Together they have the ability to destroy the world. With issue #0, a hidden adversary moves to take control of all 13 Artifacts and forever change the Top Cow Universe. It's written by Ron Marz with art by a series of stellar art teams including Stjepan Sejic in the zero issue.

I'm incredibly excited because in my mind this is the kind of epic, world changing story that comics do better than any other medium. This is the type of comic I've wanted to be a part of since I was a teenager reading Crisis on Infinite Earths.

To see what the rest had to say, go here.

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There are thirteen Artifacts of indescribable power within the Top Cow Universe. When brought together, these Artifacts will destroy the world. Naturally, that's exactly what writer Ron Marz plans to do in the pages of "Artifacts," a thirteen-issue series set to launch from Top Cow this July. Marz and Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik describe "Artifacts" as both a payoff for longtime Top Cow readers and a ground floor for new fans, with the story following Witchblade-bearer Sara Pezzini and Darkness host Jackie Estacado as they search for Hope, their missing daughter.

While the seeds for "Artifacts" have been planted in several other titles including "Angelus" and "Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box," Top Cow's first official installment in the event hits stands on Free Comic Book Day with "Artifacts" #0, a prologue chapter designed to familiarize readers with the core premise of the thirteen Artifacts. The story unfolds as Aphrodite IV, a green-haired cybernetic assassin, meets an unseen narrator with intimate knowledge of the Top Cow Universe's thirteen Artifacts — a collection of deadly items that this antagonist wants to bring together for currently unknown reasons.

CBR News caught up with Marz and Sablik to discuss their goals in designing "Artifacts" #0 for Free Comic Book Day, the specific plot threads of the issue, and the event's core focus on two parents desperate to find their child.

CBR: While Top Cow has been building up to "Artifacts" for quite a while, this Free Comic Book Day issue is the first official entry into the proper "Artifacts" story. Given that, what were some of your goals going into "Artifacts" #0?

: If it's a zero issue, to me, it should be an absolute ground floor here's-everything-you-need-to-know issue. I know that sometimes zero issues come out and they aren't quite that, but for my purposes, I wanted this to appeal to our current readers in that we're continuing the story of Aphrodite IV in "Artifacts" #0, so we see what's happened to her after her current appearance in "Witchblade."

But more than that, the concern was to really explain what the whole Artifacts concept is to everybody else that might not be reading "Witchblade," "Darkness" or "Magdalena." I tried to come up with a story that integrated that information, hopefully somewhat gracefully, into a story rather than just presenting this stuff as encyclopedia entries.

Read the full interview here.

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Comic News: CBR's Twitter Directory

If you guys haven't come across this yet, but Comic Book Resources recently compiled a comprehensive list of comic creators and publishers on Twitter.

Don't forget to follow us: @topcow

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews Magdalena #1

There's a lot of things you could say about Magdalena #1, but you'd be selling the book short if you didn't start with this: It is one absolutely gorgeous read.

Just at the first glance, it's clear that the universe of the Magdalena is fast, fluid, and packs a real punch. Nelson Blake II has the sort of style that's reminiscent of Stuart Immonen with more of a cartoony flair -- he really knows how to crank up the speed for a fight, as he has Magdalena dive and roll and slice with that enormous spear. But where I don't think Blake will get enough credit is when it comes to Patience's expressions -- it's not necessarily high emoting of a Kevin Maguire or Stefano Caselli, but as you see the look on Patience's face when she parries an attack, you can tell there's a real subtlety here.

Yet Blake isn't alone here -- he has a fantastic support system with Sal Regla and Dave McCaig. Regla douses the page with shadows and mood, and really gives all the characters some weight and definition. What's fascinating to me is that Regla manages to make the quiet scenes rock even harder than the action -- the characters just have some really bold lines to them, that really makes everything pop. And Dave McCaig... the man is a superstar, whose color choices are always bold and eye-catching. The use of reds, obviously, is a big draw here, but he really electrifies the pages with every swath of color here. For a dark book, McCaig's art burns bright.

Read the full review here.

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Newsarama: May is Darkchylde Month with Top Cow & PopCultureShock

May is Darkchylde Month

Darkchylde Ent. proudly announces May as Darkchylde Month. With the triumphant release of the highly anticipated crossover with Top Cow's The Darkness, and her first ever statue release through Jerry Macaluso's PopCutureShock Collectibles, fans of Randy Queen's nightmare haunted beauty, Ariel Chylde, will be in for some happy surprises this May. Darkchylde excitement should hit a fever pitch when test footage for a Darkchylde film created by the Academy award winning Weta Workshop hits the net around the same time.

"The tale of a beautiful but cursed southern teen who can become any of the creatures from her many recurring nightmares was a bonafide late 90's, early 2000's sensation, seeing the character realized in comics, trading cards, action figures, skateboards, apparel, mini busts, and more", says creator and writer, Randy Queen, "and it is with great joy that all these exciting new elements are congealing at this time, with the Top Cow Crossover, the Statue from PopCultureShock Collectibles and the release of the Weta Test Footage. This is a concept fans have shown they love and there aren't many comic characters created post 1960's with any real staying power. I'm delighted the plight of Ariel Chylde has endured and proved so memorable for fans around the world and it'll be terrific to see where her wings carry her from here."

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CBR Comic Reel: Wanted 2, Green Hornet, Iron Man 2


E! Online reports the makers of the sequel are eyeing Kristin Stewart to take Angelina Jolie's place in the film. "While details are still pretty scarce, Stewart's character would be a young, ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity," writes E! "Our insider says Kristen was approached to fill Jolie's hot-woman void in the franchise and met at least once with Timur Bekmambetov, the director of the series." Of course, the whole thing could be a dodge to get Jolie back into the picture. I know I should make some sort of Bella joke here, but I find I'm at a loss for one. No, wait! Here we go: "I guess this is another thing for Bella to be pissy about." Eh ... I'll get back to you on this one.

Release date: TBA

Read the full article here.

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Geeks of Doom Reviews Angelus #3

When they say beauty is an eternal thing, they weren’t kidding. Meet the Angelus, they are the warriors for the side of light, one of a few that wield some of the most powerful forces in the universe, the other main two being the Witchblade and the Darkness (which are also two of the other major titles out by Top Cow Productions right now).

Danielle Baptiste could be considered your average woman, except for one thing: she is the current vessel for The Angelus, a source of power that embodies the bearer with the force of light. Before this though she had once held the power of the Witchblade, but those days are behind her. Danielle is returning home to New Orleans for a change and to reconnect with family. And to top it all off, Mardi Gras is going on at the same time. This of course means partying, parades, and costumes. But there is something else waiting for Danielle there, something that is hiding in the dark. Will the power of the Angelus be enough to fight off what awaits her? Or is her homecoming a death sentence?

Pick up Angelus #3 and find out.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Read the full review here.

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Comic Attack Reviews Magdalena #1

Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Nelson Blake II
Cover: Ryan Sook

“Magdalena”: For a thousand years a woman who shares the bloodline of Christ has been chosen to serve the church to protect the world from supernatural threats, and that woman is known as the Magdalena. The position is currently filled by Patience, who has been able to wield the Magdalena’s weapon, the Spear of Destiny, like no other who served in the role before her. The only problem is that after a “miscommunication,” she left the direct service of the church, but still continues to fight the good fight, and the church isn’t too happy that their weapon is running around without a leash so to speak.

Now things are getting desperate (end of the world type desperate), and the church has decided to train another Magdalena; but like the Highlander, there can be only one! So in order not to have Patience “replaced,” her old mentor volunteers to go and see if he can plead their case and get her back into the fold, knowing that if he fails his life may be forfeit as well.

Read the rest of the review here.

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Newsarama Video: NFL's Lance Briggs Helps Kids through Comic Books

Newsarama talks to professional football player, Lance Briggs about his love for comics @ C2E2 2010.

Watch the video here.

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Newsarama Video: Ron Marz Talks Magdalena and More Top Cow Work

Ron Marz talks to Newsarama about Top Cow's Magdalena and gives updates on Witchblade, Velocity, Angelus and Artifacts.

Watch the video here.

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Newsarama: Image & Top Cow's July 2010 Solicits

story RON MARZ
The Event FIVE Years in the Making!
Thirteen mystical Artifacts, including the Witchblade, the Darkness and others, guide the fate of the Top Cow Universe. For centuries, it's been whispered that bringing together all 13 Artifacts would herald mankind's destruction. But a mysterious figure has been manipulating events, laying plans to put Armageddon into motion. The final phase begins here, with the abduction of Hope, the daughter of Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado. What ensues will remake the entirety of the Top Cow Universe, from the Witchblade and the Darkness, to the Angelus, Magdalena, and countless others. Artifacts #1 is the perfect place for faithful readers to see their loyalty pay off, and for new readers to experience the Top Cow Universe.

From Top Cow Universe architect Ron Marz (Witchblade, Angelus) and Top Cow superstar artist Michael Broussard (The Darkness) comes an event series, which will literally shake the Top Cow Universe to its foundation. Featuring a jam piece cover by Broussard, Marc Silvestri, Stjepan Sejic, Sheldon Mitchell, and Nelson Blake II, as well as a variant cover series featuring each of the 13 Artifact bearers by John Tyler Christopher (Witchblade), and a special first-issue cover by Dale Keown (The Darkness/Pitt).

Also kicking off with issue #1 is the Top Cow Origins series of backups written by Marz and drawn by a superstar collection of artists. This issue: Witchblade, by Marc Silvestri.

To see the rest of the solicits, go here.

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G4's Fresh Ink Online Looks at Magdalena #1

Blair Butler rockets through a slew of new comics this week, including Firestar, DV8, Brave and the Bold: Wonder Woman & Zatanna Batgirl, The Magdalena, Ultimate Avengers and Logan’s Run. Which one will make Fresh Ink Online’s Pick of the Week? Well, you’ll just have to watch and find out, won’t ya?

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Pads and Panels Interviews Lance Briggs

Yes, you read that right. Today, we bring to you a very special interview with 5-time Pro-Bowl Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs. But the Chicago Bears? Linebacker? Pro-Bowl? “That’s football stuff!” you proclaim. True, it is football. But Mr. Briggs also happens to be a huge comics fan. We’re not talking about “got caught on camera once looking at a Spider-Man comic” kind of a fan. We’re talking about real deal comics enthusiast. So much so that during our hometown comic convention, the inaugural Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (better known as C2E2), Briggs hosted his own “dream panel,” talking to fans as well as some of his favorite comics creators. He’s a proclaimed Top Cow fan, and the publisher actually printed a variant cover of The Darkness featuring Briggs this month. That’s the kind of comics fan we’re talking. So it was our honor to catch up with Briggs following his panel to talk about his love for the medium, as well as his newly launched charity, the Briggs 4 Kidz Foundation. Bill interviewed, and Tom filmed. Go Bears!

Watch the video here.

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Comic Attack Looks at Wanted

Top Cow Productions published the comic book called Wanted by Mark Millar in 2003. Wanted focused on a cubicle worker named Wesley Gibson who had been pushed around by almost everyone in his unfulfilled life. He meets Fox, who is part of a super villain organization called the Fraternity.

The Fraternity was formed in the 1980s by super villains who realized that they had greater strength in groups against super heroes. The super villains won the battle against the super heroes, and erased all of the world’s memories of anyone with special abilities. Wesley meets Professor Solomon Selzer, a mad scientist, who leads the North and South American chapter of the organization.

The Professor informs him that his father worked for the Fraternity and was assassinated by an unknown man. In order for Wesley to receive the inheritance left to him by his father, he must join the Fraternity. He is trained by Fox and accepted into the fold later on. When Rictus and Future want to go against the Fraternity’s secrecy policy and rule the world, Wesley and Fox must stop them before it’s too late.

Read the full article here.

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RPG News: Witchblade, Impaler and more from Top Cow!

Top Cow Productions has uploaded several new titles to!


One of the worst blizzards in history cripples New York City in one fell swoop. But the blinding cold and snow are the least of the city's worries. For aboard a drifting cargo ship stirs an unfathomable evil that will unleash a horror the likes of which the world has never seen. And in two nights, New York City will be no more...


Witchblade bearer and New York City Police Detective Sara Pezzini is found unconscious, having been beaten by an unknown attacker. The only clues to what happened are the cryptic offerings of an antique shop owner who has a surprising knowledge of the Witchblade. Now Sara must uncover the mystery in order to defend the city, and the world, she was chosen to protect.

Get these and other Top Cow titles at!

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Ideology of Madness: Want A Peek at Top Cow's ARTIFACTS?

As Ideology of Madness's Paul's buddy (and fellow Funnybooks host) Wayne mentioned earlier today, one of the highlights of this year’s Free Comic Book Day is a “First Look” at Top Cow Comics’ upcoming Artifacts crossover. The crossover, which ties together years of Top Cow continuity, will be written by Ron Marz, with art by some of Top Cow’s finest artists.

Having read the book now, Paul can say he's SUPER excited for the upcoming crossover, especially because it brings back, as one of the 13 artifacts, the Rapture, which was the main object of the Universe and Tom Judge: End of Days titles from way back when. He’d love to see those collected. The Artifacts first look is an original story, with original art, and is a PERFECT primer to the Top Cow Universe. He highly recommends picking it up this Saturday – after all, what have you got to lose? It’s FREE! Plus, you get a preview of Magdalena, which they told you was pretty fantastic in this week’s episode of Funnybooks.

Want a peek at the Artifacts FCBD book, written by Ron Marz with art by Stjepan Sejic? Look here! Click any image to see the full page!

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Newsarama: Check Out Kenneth Rocafort's Velocity

Somebody call a doctor, because these pages look positively sick.

There aren’t a whole lot of words that can do this image justice, so I’ll stick with the basics: Velocity, by Kenneth Rocafort, courtesy of Top Cow. I saw this image at Chicago, and thankfully they’ve liberated it for you all to enjoy. The book (written by Ron Marz) is due out May 26th.

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What The Con: Inaugural Washington DC Comicon THIS SATURDAY May 2

Hey East Coast Herders,

Just a reminder, the first ever Washington DC Comicon will be head at GMU (Fairfax) THIS Sunday, May 2!

From Washington DC Comicon:

Admission to the show is only $5! GMU students, faculty, and staff get in free! All active military personnel with current military IDs get in free!

The show will feature an amazing guest list for an inaugural show, a show exclusive comic, a full room of brick-and-mortar retailers bringing Golden Age, Silver Age, and modern comics inventories, manga and anime products, and toys! There will also be a sanctioned Magic the Gathering tournament!

Our guests for this premiere event include: Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers), Herb Trimpe (Incredible Hulk), JG Jones (52), the Fillbach Brothers (Clone Wars Adventures) sponsored by Laughing Ogre Comics, the Luna Brothers (The Sword) sponsored by Laughing Ogre Comics, Steve Conley (Star Trek Omnibus: The Original Series), John K. Snyder III (Doctor Mid-Nite) sponsored by the Hero Initiative, and Jo Chen (Runaways) sponsored by the Hero Initiative.

Show Exclusive Comic and Giveaways
Thanks to our friends at Top Cow Productions, the DC Comic-Con will be offering a show-exclusive Witchblade #136 DC Comic-Con Variant by co-headlining guest JG Jones. This exclusive comic will be available in very limited quantities at the Hero Initiative booth, and is selling for only $5, of which $1 goes to the Hero Initiative.

Additionally, the first 500 attendees will receive a copy of the Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics, Gemstone's 2010 Free Comic Book Day publication.

About The DC Comic-Con
The DC Comic-Con, launching in 2010 on Sunday, May 2nd from 10am-5pm, is a result of the cooperative work of Marc Nathan, sponsor of the Baltimore Comic-Con ( and Brett Carreras, sponsor of the VA Comicon ( For more information, please visit

Let's keep the comic life trucking with FCBD and Washington DC Comicon this weekend!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Come and celebrate with us the biggest event of the year (every year), the worldwide FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. We will be giving away a plethora of comics, many of which will be ALL AGES rated. In addition to the free comics, we’ll have Special Guests (list below) as well as Spider-Man in costume and an INCREDIBLE Balloon Artist. Our Special Guest Artists will do sketches for our favorite charity HERO Initiative.

JUST ADDED: We can finally confirm and reveal our SPECIAL GUEST OF HONOR – Image founder and one of the most influential artist in the history of the medium – Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri. Marc is going to be signing at the store between 1pm and 3pm.

This year Collector's Paradise is presenting their best line-up of comic book creators to date, including:

Marc Silvestri - Founder, Top Cow Productions, Creator and Artist - Cyberforce, Witchblade, Darkness, Hunter/Killer

Marv Wolfman - creator - Teen Titans, Blade, Bullseye, Tim Drake, Black Cat, Nightwing, Deathstroke, Anti-Monitor and many more...

Bill Morrison - co-creator Bongo Comics, artist - Simpson Comics and more

Michael Broussard - artist - Darkness, FCBD 2010 Top Cow Artifacts comic, Artifacts 1-6

Joe Benitez - artist - Teen Titans, Soulfire, creator - Weapon Zero, Magdalena, Wraithborne

Peter Steigerwald - colorist, artist - Soulfire, Fathom, and more from Aspen Comics

Ray Friesen - kids graphic novel author - Another Dirt Sandwich, Cupcakes of Doom...

Rick Loverd - writer - Milo Ventimiglia Presents Berserker

In addition to the great creator line up, the event will feature the annual "Sketches for HERO Initiative" fundraiser, where most of the artists featured will do $10 sketches for the fans, with 100% of the proceeds directly going to HERO Initiative, a wonderful charity that helps comic book creators in need. Collector's Paradise has been working with HERO for the last four years to make sure that those creators who need financial and medical help are taken care of.

Kids are a big focus of Collector's Paradise' effort on FCBD. The event will feature an excellent Spider-Man in costume, a fantastic Balloon Artist, and several thousand kid-friendly comic books given away to all fans in attendance.

The event will be held at Collector's Paradise Comics & Cards from Noon to 7:00pm, with creator signings, Spider-Man and Balloon Artist from noon to 3:00pm.

Collector's Paradise Comics & Gallery is located at 7131 Winnetka Ave, on the corner of Winnetka Ave and Sherman Way, in Canoga Park.

Source: Collector's Paradise

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CBR: Ten Views on C2E2

From its advance announcement and competitive market presence to its location and guest list, Reed Exhibition's first annual Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (or C2E2) has been a buzzed about event beyond the bounds of other regional comic book shows. But now that the con is in the comics community's rear-view mirror, plenty of questions still remain as to how the show was pulled off and whether Reed's Pop Culture group delivered the major "event" show at McCormick Place they'd hoped to.

To that end, CBR News spent Sunday afternoon walking to floor of the convention and talking to some of the biggest exhibitors in attendance from marquee publishers like DC, Dark Horse, Marvel and Image to new media players to retailers. Each offered their take on what the show was like from attendance and energy to sales and space issues.

And for more information on the show, be sure to check out all the news out of C2E2 including publishing announcements, video interviews, panel reports and an incoming interview with show organizer Lance Fensterman – not to mention plenty of first-person reporting and reactions from Robot 6.


"I think it was good first year show. I think Reed really knows how to do a really ambitious, beautiful show. The venue is really awesome. Looking around, everybody in the industry was represented publisher wise, and artist's alley was really huge. There was a lot of great press coverage from various news sites. I think it's off to a good start, but like any first year show, you're going to have hiccups and things that need work. But we're pretty confident that Reed knows how to do that."

Read more view here.

Source: CBR

Graze Anatomy: Blake's C2E2 Magdalena vs Darkling

From Nelson:

Just a quickie from C2E2. Handheld camera photo of the drawing, so apologies for the shadows. This was for the people running Tucci's table

Source: Deviant Art

Broken Frontier: The Darkness/Darkchylde Crossover Coming Soon

Through the Top Cow forums I found this liitle gem concerning the upcoming The Darkness/Darkchylde crossover book, straight from the mouth of creator Randy Queen:

Going the extra mile and reviewing hard copy proofs to make sure the colors are as accurate as possible. The book IS coming, and it is GORGEOUS. It will be worth the wait. Exhausted. We gave 125% on this one. Keep the enthusiasm high.

The Darkness/Darkchylde will reach stores next Wednesday, April 21, 2010 or the week after... A mere four months delay to truly make a point in proving: some things are worth the wait!
It promises to be a legendary piece of comic art!

Click here to read the Broken Frontier interview with Randy Queen

Source: Broken Frontier

First Comic News Reviews Angelus #3

One of the things I really like about Top Cow is the way they’ve reinvented themselves over the years. Originally developed as a vehicle for Marc Silvestri’s creations, they quickly expanded and (to put it bluntly) became more known for their T&A than anything else. I’m not knocking it – it was gorgeous stuff and I was a fan – but it was T&A nonetheless.

Fortunately, in recent times, they’ve sought to change that and develop a real mythology for their universe. They didn’t go and change everything , they just created some solid bones for that T&A to hang on, and I think it was the right approach. Ron Marz, ably assisted by Phil Hester and others, has crafted a wonderfully cohesive, engaging and interesting universe that continually draws me in (even when I try to step away). So that brings me to the new Angelus series by Ron Marz and the amazing Stjepan Sejic.

I must admit to being a little behind on the Top Cow canon. Last I read, Dani Baptiste was the bearer of the Witchblade and Sara Pezzini had become a supporting character in what was once her own book. Now I find that Dani is no longer the Witchblade, but has become the new Angelus and has her own mini-series (of which this is issue 3). I’m quickly brought up to date by a solid, but not overly burdened, recap page and then we’re off into this fascinating tale that further fleshes out the mythology of the Angelus.

Read the full review here.

Source: First Comic News

Graphic Policy Reviews Magdalena

Going into the Magdalena #1 I was a blank slate. I knew nothing about the character other than her brief appearance in some Witchblade comics I read, and that she had something to do with the Catholic Church. It was nice to come into a property with no expectations and no preconceived notion other than the writer of the series Ron Marz has previously produced some top notch material. I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s a fun, interesting series with not an original plot, but still it felt fresh.

The series follows the Magdalena’s are descendent of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene (how hasn’t this series caused more of an uproar!?) who serve the Catholic Church in fighting evil. Is it an original plot? Nope, we’ve seen it tread before, but throw in a layered history, some action, beautiful art and suddenly it stands out from similar material.

Marz does it again; pushing the plot with just enough held back that you need to work a bit on the relationships and where certain tension arises. The main characters banter is descent, and believable, with a nice flow. The pencils by Nelson Blake II, inks by Sal Regla and color by Dave McCaig create a tapestry that holds up to the high art standard I’d expect from a Top Cow comic book.

Recommendation: Buy

Read the full review here.

Source: Graphic Policy

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews Magdalena #1

Magdalena #1
Written by Ron Marz
Pencils by Nelson Blake II
Inks by Sal Regla
Colors by Dave McCaig
Letters by Troy Peteri
Published by Top Cow
Review by Lan Pitts
"I've given it all the thought I need to. I've accepted what I am. What my bloodline makes me. But I'm done being used by the Church. Magdalenas have been disposable commodities for centuries. That's NOT HOW I'm going to end up. Nothing is going to make me change my mind." Patience, the Magdalena

I went into this debut issue knowing little about the character and her history, besides some notion of Magdalena being a warrior nun. I know she's made appearances in other Top Cow titles, but other than that, I have very limited knowledge. So I went into this book without expectations, except for the expectation that Ron Marz rarely disappoints. If you're a fan of what he's got going on over in Top Cow's flagship title, Witchblade, you're in for a treat.

If, like me, you're not familiar with Magdalena and her background, no worries. The plot is pretty straightforward, and any backstory is explained through narrative, yet without slowing down the actual story. I got the gist and ran with it. Marz has handled not one, but three (now including Magdalena) titles that have strong, female leads that deal with supernatural forces since signing with Top Cow, so trust me when I say he's in top form. While Marz may have a common theme now with female characters with mystical weapons, each have their own voice, and the Magdalena of this generation, Patience, is no exception. There's a strong opening and it doesn't let up. You have Church politics, demonic brawls, a murder mystery and that's just first ten pages. You want your demon-hunting warrior woman doing what she does best? You got it.

I am surprised Top Cow didn't pursue the usual route and do a sort of "Year One" take on the character. But after reading issue #1, I realized there wasn't really a need for that. Marz just picks up Patience in her own series as she is in current Top Cow continuity, which makes it easier to get to the action, which is wonderfully rendered by penciler Nelson Blake II. Blake captures the intensity of the fight scenes, and just as easily nails the "talking head" moments. The inking of Sal Regla (Ultimate Fantastic Four, Fathom) compliments Blake's style. Regla's inks aren't too heavy or overbearing, and give everything a clean, crisp look that is easy on the eye. On top of that, you've got Dave McCaig coloring his guts out and Ryan Sook on cover duty.

With other companies going from big events, to tie-ins, to more big events, it's refreshing to be able to enjoy a book without having to worry about buying back issues or confusing continuity. There's even a timeline of the women who have been called Magdalena in the past, which expands the world and I enjoyed a bit of each backstory. The issue is there from the get-go to enjoy, so if you've been wanting an accessible title, Magdalena #1 answers your prayers.

Source: Newsarama


It's never easy to watch a parent's physical and mental health deteriorate before your very eyes, but it's even harder when that parent insists on maintaining his role as the world's greatest superhero.

Such is the dilemma in the pages of "Stealth," the third and latest entry into writer Robert Kirkman and artist Marc Silvestri's ongoing takeover of Top Cow's "Pilot Season" event. Written by Kirkman, designed by Silvestri and illustrated by Sheldon Mitchell, "Stealth" tells the story of Todd Carey, a young man whose life is falling apart all around him: he's recovering from a bitter divorce, his daughter is flunking out of college and his father has been diagnosed with Alzehimer's disease. But in the midst of all these concurrent dilemmas comes a well-known masked vigilante called Stealth - a vigilante that just so happens to be Todd's ailing father.

"[Todd's] life is a wreck right now," Kirkman told CBR of the concept. "His father, who has a pretty bad case of Alzheimer's disease, decides to move in with him so his son can take care of him. Once they move in together, he quickly learns that his father has been a superhero named Stealth for the better part of his life. He had been something of an absentee dad, so they have a complicated relationship, but now he learns that his dad has been out saving the world this whole time - that's part of the reason that everything is so bad between them. On top of that, his father is still going out and trying to fight crime, but because of the Alzheimer's, he's doing so to disastrous results. It's kind of an added burden on the son."

Read the full article here.

Source: CBR

CBR: Ryan Sook Covers Magdalena

Judging books by their covers is typically a no no, but if you want to break protocol and analyze Top Cow's upcoming "Magdalena" series by acclaimed illustrator Ryan Sook's cover art alone, you're bound to be impressed.

Sook is the monthly cover artist on "Magdalena," the April-releasing ongoing series written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Nelson Blake II. The artist is hardly a stranger to the spear-wielding Patience, having previously illustrated her adventures in the pages of "First Born: Aftermath" alongside Marz. Thanks to his work on that one-shot, Sook happily agreed to provide monthly covers for each issue of "Magdalena." Speaking with CBR News, Sook revealed his process in crafting the covers for "Magdalena," including how he starts and finishes a cover, the tools that he uses and the most important ingredients to making a cover stand out.

CBR News: Ryan, can you tell us how you jumped on board to illustrate the covers for "Magdalena" and what approach you took with your style?

Ryan Sook:
After drawing a Magdalena story for "First Born: Aftermath" with Ron Marz - which I really enjoyed - Ron and Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik inquired about doing covers for an upcoming series they'd been planning for Magdalena. I thought that sounded like a good opportunity to do some really striking imagery, so I said yes! I then set out to come up with said striking imagery by frustratingly scribbling out, with clenched teeth and fists, undirected possibilities that led nowhere.

Exasperated, I called Ron - "What the heck do I draw!?" - and Ron sent me his outline for the series and shared some of his thoughts, which thankfully got me on track with some good ideas and hopefully some good covers.

Read the full article here.

Source: CBR

What The Con: CBR's Top Cow C2E2 Panel Coverage

At this weekend's Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, Top Cow fans were treated to a panel filled with some of the company's most prominent creators including Phil Hester ("The Darkness"), Bryan Edward Hill ("Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box"), Nelson Blake II ("Magdalena") and Ron Marz ("Witchblade," "Angelus"). Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik moderated the panel and covered a wide range of topics, starting with the company's major summer event - "Artifacts."

Launching in July and set to play out over the course of a year, "Artifacts" is written by Ron Marz and illustrated by a rotating lineup of artists beginning with Michael Broussard for the first four issues. The remaining artists are currently unannounced, though Sablik said the final issue's artist would raise several eyebrows. Three different covers for the first issue were displayed - a Dale Keown cover depicting a distraught Sara Pezzini restrained by Jackie Estacado was described as the story-oriented cover, while John Tyler Christopher's cover profiling Sara was revealed as the first of thirteen Artifact bearer-centric covers.

The cover that received the most attention was a jam piece illustrated by several different Top Cow artists. Marz and Blake identified each artist's contribution as follows: Michael Broussard drew Tom Judge and Jackie Estacado, Sheldon Mitchell drew Sabine and Alina Enstrom, Kenneth Rocafort drew Michael "Finn" Finnegan and Glorianna "Glori" Silver, Marc Silvestri drew Danielle Baptiste, Stjepan Sejic drew Sara Pezzini, and Blake himself drew Necromancer and Magdalena. The panelists were quick to point to three mysterious emblems on the cover pertaining to the three Artifacts whose bearers have yet to be revealed.

Read the full coverage here.

Source: CBR

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Weekly Crisis Reviews Magdalena #1 [OUT TODAY!]

I've never read Magdalena before, except for the one time Phil Hester crossed her over with Daredevil not that long ago. I've also never read any Ron Marz but I hear pretty good buzz about his Witchblade run. However, since Top Cow were good enough to provide me with a copy to sample I figured I'd read it, it couldn't hurt me, could it? Well, no, it didn't, and it actually surprised me quite a bit, and in a good way. Hit the jump to see why this could be a relaunch that will interest you.

I've never read Magdalena before, except for the one time Phil Hester crossed her over with Daredevil not that long ago. I've also never read any Ron Marz but I hear pretty good buzz about his Witchblade run. However, since Top Cow were good enough to provide me with a copy to sample I figured I'd read it, it couldn't hurt me, could it? Well, no, it didn't, and it actually surprised me quite a bit, and in a good way. Hit the jump to see why this could be a relaunch that will interest you.

Verdict - Check It
: This comic is better than a lot of dreck that comes through the shelves each week. It's a good start for the character and I think this arc has the makings for a very cool story, if executed well. Give it a go if you're on a light week, you might just be surprised by how much you'll like this ass kicking girl with a spear and an attitude.

Read the full review here.

Source: The Weekly Crisis

Geeks of Doom Reviews Impaler #5

Check out this interview where William Harms (writer of impaler) answers newsaramas Matt Timson's questions. Read it all here.


Cosmic Book News Reviews Darkness #83

Check out this review about the Darkness #83. Thanks to cosmic book news for the review. Find the review here.


Speed Force speed reads Filip's Information Overload

Speedforce- Top Cow’s Filip Sablik talks about Information Overload at Newsarama — a topic which Geoff Johns ahs brought up on several occasions when talking about his new approach to the Flash.
Find the link here.

: Top Cow's Artifacts goes supernatural for event

It will reveal how various pieces of the Top Cow universe fit together and should be appealing to Top Cow’s long-term fans, Sablik said. But the company also is making it new-reader friendly, with the Free Comic Book Day book aimed at introducing the characters of the Top Cow universe. The No. 1 issue of the series will follow in July.

The series will be broken into four-issue arcs, with the first arc drawn by Michael Broussard. There will be a second and third arc of four issues with separate artistic teams, and the final 13th issue will be "something special,” Sablik said.
For the full article read it here.

Read more:


Omnicomic: Top Cow at C2E2

C2E2 2010 sounds like the name of the droid that Luke Skywalker passes over in Star Wars: A New Hope in favor of C3-PO (I know that the droid's name wasn't actually that). Instead, it's actually the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo that took place April 16-18 at the McCormick Place. Top Cow was there, and they brought the variant cover thunder.


Industry News: ComiXology's iPad Comics Reader App in Pictures

ComiXology has announced their Comics by comiXology App for the Apple iPad, and are claiming it has the largest library of comics in the device, with 1300 books from 30 publishers, including 150 you get free just for downloading the app. Which is even more than you get with the Marvel Apple iPad device which they also designed.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Balloon: Phil Hester Stops Chasing Batgirl

Phil Hester joins us to say he’s not chasing batgirl anymore. The artist has been a busy writer creating the Anchor for Boom Studios, writing The Darkness for top cow, and black terror for dynamite. We get the lowdown on all of these series, plus Phil talks about some deals brewing for The Coffin and Fire Breather.

Listen to the podcast here.

What the Con: Filip Recaps Day 1 of WonderCon

It’s amazing to me how busy I get at a comic convention. When Jonah asked me to Live Blog from WonderCon, I thought, “No problem.” I have my rockstar Marketing Assistant Christine with me and she can hold down the fort while I peck away on my iPhone. No such luck. From the moment we stepped onto the floor and started unloading our books, we had attendees and fans coming by with questions and wanting to buy books. These are good problems to have. -Filip Sablik

For the full article read here.

What the Con: Herder Tattoos Witchblade to Arm

This fans shirt and hat may say Marvel, but his tat moos a lot louder. Thanks for the support and your love for Top Cow, you sir are a part of the herd.

Source: CBR

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews Impaler #5

"If you aren’t yet reading Berserker from Top Cow Productions, I recommend you get out and pick up issues 1-4 this weekend so you are ready to roll this coming Wednesday. You do NOT want to miss this series" Read the full article here.



Official Press Release

The Comic Bug is participating in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY on Saturday, May 1st. In addition to handing out thousands of comic books, this year, the Manhattan Beach store is hosting creators from every major L.A. based publisher.

"We’re fortunate to be based in a city that’s overflowing with talented comic book writers and artists," said store owner Jun Goeku. “What better time for the creators to introduce potential new readers to the fantastic tales they weave than Free Comic Book Day?”

Among the participating creators and publishers are: BOOM! STUDIOS’ Michael Alan Nelson (Dingo, Hexed, 28 Days Later), ARCHAIA’S Jeff Stokely (Fraggle Rock), TOP COW’S Rob Levin (Broken Trinity, Witchblade, Darkness) and Rahsan Ekedal (The Crazies, The Cleaners, Warhammer 40,000), Ninth Circle’s Rafael Navarro (Sonambulo, The Batman, Marvel Super Hero Squad), Marvel and DC’s Scott Koblish (Marvel Adventures: Iron Man, Final Crisis Legion of Super-Heroes), Bongo’s Phil Ortiz (The Simpsons), and Aspen Comics Vince Hernandez (Dellec, Soulfire, Fathom), David Wohl (Executive Assistant Iris, Witchblade and many more) and Peter Steigerwald (Soulfire, NBC’s Heroes and many more).

“Judging by the line-up, we’re looking at a team of individuals who have cut quite a swath through the comics industry,” co-owner/promotions director Mike Wellman stated. “A world without Witchblade, Fraggle Rock comics and Batman cartoons would be a very sad place indeed. That said, I’d like to thank them all not only for taking time out of their schedules to meet with fans, but for doing what they do in the first place! They are today’s myth-makers.”

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY will be held at The Comic Bug on Saturday, May 1st from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, many of the artists and writers will be taking shifts throughout the day. Check The Comic Bug’s website for a particular creator’s schedule. The Comic Bug is located at 1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

For more information about The Comic Bug, go to For more information on Free Comic Book Day, visit

Source: CBR

Newsarama: Top Cow's PILOT SEASON Goes into STEALTH Mode

From murderous vigilantes to demonic possessions, the next installment of this year's Pilot Season series goes straight-up superhero with a twist with Stealth. The book, which is scheduled to come out on April 28th, centers around a man ordinary like you or I named Todd Carey whose life is in a bit of a rough patch recently. While recovering from a nasty divorce and trying to help his college daughter from failing her classes, he finds out his father has Alzheimer's. Although Todd's still trying to learn to live on his own after years of marriage, he takes in his father and unintentionally discovers a deeper secret: his father is a superhero.

"Through the simple circumstances of living in the same house with his father and him being absent-minded, Todd learns that his father is a superhero named Stealth," said writer Robert Kirkman. "Stealth's been in action for better part of his life. All those years growing up, Todd wondered why his dad wasn't around for t-ball and other things, but now he knows why – his dad was saving the world. Finding out about this aspect of his father's life is groundbreaking for him, but its difficult to talk to his father about it since he has Alzheimers."

While Kirkman's other superhero title Invincible is more a classic variety of the superhero genre, this book takes the enthusiastic creativity of cape fiction and plays it against real life struggles of a modern family.

"It's got a bit of superheroey-ness to it," Kirkman explains," but at its heart it's a situation about a man learning to live with his dad who has Alzheimer's. Since his father has this affliction, he may think he's attacking a bad guy when he's really just beating up a soccer mom. Todd's got to protect his father just as his father protected him and the world."

While operating under the guise of the tech-savvy flyer Stealth, Todd's father saved the world but also accumulated his fair share of enemies along the way. Those threats, along with the erratic behavior one would expect when dealing with Alzheimer's, puts a heavy toll on Todd's lap and his relationship with his father.

Read the full article here.

Source: Newsarama

Newsarama's Best Shots Reviews Angelus #3

Angelus #3
Written by Ron Marz
Art by Stjepan Sejic
Letters by Troy Peteri
Published by Top Cow
Review by Lan Pitts

"See, that's where you're wrong. I don't have any friends...just victims." -- Jackie Estacado, the Darkness

We're half way through the Angelus mini series that explores Dani Baptiste's role as the embodiment of light, and things are picking up down in 'Nawlins when Jackie Estacado shows up with murder on his mind. Then again, he is a hitman, so that's probably nothing out of the ordinary. Now, I love the Witchblade/Angelus/Darkness chemistry, especially since Ron Marz has enhanced each of the titles without it feeling like a crossover. The books complete each other, yet still remain their own separate entity.

Angelus #3 touches on a few things that really showcase Marz's ability to engross you in the characters as well Sejic's art having some subtle moments that he's had problems with in the past, but really nails these exquisitely. Sejic also displayed great skill in color dynamics when Jackie and Dani face off whilst in their supernatural alter-egos. The dichotomy of the Darkness and the Angelus is shown well in the last few pages, really allowing for some gripping panels and great action scenes.

There's the continuation of romance that happens to be between two females, but it isn't heavy-handed and handled like any budding romance. Dani and her girlfriend, Finch, are taking it slow and their moment with Dani's father was the best part of the book because it seemed so real and human. The action scenes are wonderful as I noted, but really take backstage to the character development that is unfolding here.

Angelus continues to deliver on what comics should be like. Though you shouldn't feel discouraged or intimidated from feeling lost since it's the third issue. There is a recap page that breaks it down right as you crack the book open. It's wonderful story-telling without having to rely on shock factors with beautiful art that makes you pore over every panel, so sit back and enjoy a great read.

Source: Newsarama

Newsarama Exclusive Preview: Magdalena #1

story RON MARZ
32 PAGES / FC $3.99

The Star of the Forthcoming Feature Film Gets Her Own Series!
The Magdalena has been the official protector and warrior of the Catholic Church for over two thousand years, sworn to defend the Faith with the Spear of Destiny against all manner of supernatural threats. However, Patience, the latest Magdalena, has seen through the hypocrisy of her masters and struck out on her own. When her old mentor comes to her with a mission to prevent Armageddon, will she be able to resist the call?

From writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Angelus) and the art team of Pilot Season: Murderer, Nelson Blake II, Sal Regla, and Dave McCaig.

Featuring covers by Ryan Sook (Wednesday Comics)!

View the rest of the preview pages here.

Source: Newsarama

Previews: Top Cow On Tap To Showcase Artifacts and Magdalena

Top Cow is letting the cat out of the bag.

Two new titles are on deck for fans this year, and both look to be monsters.

At C2E2 in Chicago, Ron Marz and Nelson Blake II unleash Magdalena from Top Cow. The story centers on Patience, the current Magdalena and bearer of the Spear of Destiny in the Top Cow Universe. It begins with Patience in a place where she doesn't trust those in charge of the Church. She has to decide if she can work with them to fulfill her role as the Church's protector. Wrapped up in a cover in the vein of The DaVinci Code, this issue later kicks off in stores on April 21st.

Also en route from Top Cow is Artifacts, which is the most ambitious project they've tackled to date. This new project which involves the Top Cow Universe is something comic readers have seen before. To draw comparisons, Crisis on Infinite Earths comes to mind, as does Marvel's Civil War. The 13 issue-series centers on a mysterious villain trying to bring together all 13 mystical artifacts which--when joned--hold the power to destroy or remake the world. At the heart of the story will be Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini and the Darkness himself, Jackie Estacado. Both are on a frantic search to get back their baby, Hope, who has been abducted by the villain that's in search of the artifacts. The Free Comic Book Day "zero" issue for Artifacts sets the wheels in motion for issue 1, which will later launch this July at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Source: Previews

Related: Controlling the Darkness

Check out this interview with writer of The Darkness, Phil Hester, answers Eric Ratcliffe's question concerning the current and upcoming events that will take place in Jackie Estacado's world. Find it here.

Check out for more updates on all things comics related.

Sending Out the Herd Signal: Nelson Blake II & Sal Regla Signing at Collector's Paradise TOMORROW

Don't forget LA herders: Nelson Blake II and Sal Regla will be signing at Collector's Paradise tomorrow from 4pm-8pm.

Meet us there! Grab Magdalena #1! And join in some high five goodness!

Go to for more info!

7131 Winnetka Avenue, Winnetka, CA‎
(818) 999-9455‎

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Graze Anatomy: Nelson Blake II Sketches & Bryan Edward Hill Writes

Our man Nelson Blake II is doing what he always does, draw and inspire. Recently his deviant art sketch has inspired writer Edward Hill on a short story you can read here.
You can also visit Nelson's deviant art here.

Source: The Bryan Hill Project

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What The Con: C2E2 Signing Times & Panels

Heading to C2E2 this weekend, herders? Be sure to stop by the Top Cow booth #551. Grab some free swag. Get your hands on Magdalena #1 before anyone else does. Say hey to your favorite creators. Give @TopCow (Filip) a high five. And offer @chrissypedia (Christine) a jello snack pack!

But of course, the real reason you stopped on by:

1:30 - 2:30pm: Eric Basaldua
2:30 - 3:30pm: Bryan Edward Hill & Alessandro Vitti
3:30 - 4:30pm: Phil Hester & Ryan Winn
4:30 - 5:30pm: Ron Marz & Nelson Blake II
5:30 - 6:30pm: Joshua Hale Fialkov

10:30 - 11:30am: Joshua Hale Fialkov & Jeremy Haun
11:30 - 1:00pm: Ron Marz, Nelson Blake II & Troy Peteri
1:00 - 2:30pm: Phil Hester (1:30p) & Ryan Winn
2:30 - 4:00pm: Bryan Edward Hill & Alessandro Vitti
4:30 - 6:00pm: Eric Basaldua

10:30 - 11:30am: Joshua Hale Fialkov & Jeremy Haun
11:30 - 12:30pm: Ron Marz & Nelson Blake II
12:30 - 1:30pm: Bryan Edward Hill & Alessandro Vitti
1:30 - 2:30pm: Phil Hester & Ryan Winn


Saturday, April 17: 7:15p - 8:15p in E450:
Join Sablik as the publisher launches Magdalena #1 with Marz and Blake II. Special guest, Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs will also stop by to discuss his love of Top Cow’s comics including his favorite character, The Darkness. Additional guests of the panel include Hester, Basaldua, Hill and more as they share with fans what’s coming from Top Cow in 2010, including exclusive early looks, exciting announcements, and special gifts for every panel attendee.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What the Con: Nelson Blake II at WonderCon

Our friends over at CBR posted up this pic of Neslon Blake II, as you can see hes in a good mood, I mean if you were making money to draw comics, wouldnt you?

See the full image here.

Source: CBR