Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Top Cow October 2008 Solicitations


Cyblade #1 Joshua Hale Fialkov/Rick Mays/Kenneth Rocafort $2.99
Broken Trinity: Witchblade Ron Marz/Nelson Blake II/Jeffrey Spokes $2.99
The Darkness #9/73 Phil Hester/Jorge Lucas/Dale Keown $2.99
Dragon Prince #2 Ron Marz/Lee Moder/Jeff Johnson/Oeming $2.99
Impaler Vol. 1 Trade Paperback Harms/Marinkovich/Postic/Tsai/Leon $14.99
The Art of Wanted Hardcover Top Cow’s Finest $29.99
Witchblade Compendium Vol. 2 Hardcover Top Cow’s Finest $99.99

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pilot Season : The Core Preview

Pilot Season: The Core #1

(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Kenneth Rocafort (Cov) Jonathan Hickman

The Core is the center of the known universe where ancient and well-established species have created powerful empires, federations and cooperatives. The Core is also the most dangerous place in existence, and younger races are not welcomed warmly. When the first human is appointed to an extraterrestrial Special Forces unit, the soldier must first earn the respect of his peers as he fights for the recognition of his species.
The writing of critically acclaimed scribe Jonathan Hickman (Nightly News, Pax Romana) and the distinct stylings of Madame Mirage artist Kenneth Rocafort combine for this unique Pilot Season book!

Full Color 32 pages $3.99 Pilot Issue BUY NOW.

SDCC '08 - Top Cow Panel

A room filled to capacity greeted the Top Cow panelists as they made their way to the stage Saturday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con. The gathering featured bumper crop of panelists for the roughly hour-long panel included: Joshua Hale Fialkov, Publisher Philip Sablik, Paul Dini, Founder Marc Silvestri, President Matt Hawkins, Clayburn Moore, Seth Green, Hugh Sterbakov, William Harms, Randy Queen, Sarah Oaks, Ron Marz, and Editor Rob Levin. READ MORE.

Magdalena casting announcement on IGN

Goss, the British actor who played baddie Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, has signed on to star in Magdalena, a feature film based on the Top Cow comic of the same name. Jenna Dewan (Step Up, The Grudge 2) has also been cast in the film. READ MORE.

CBR covers Turner Tribute panel @ SDCC

On Sunday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego, a large panel of industry professionals gathered in two rows on the dais along with a packed room of fans and other friends to remember beloved comic book artist Michael Turner, who recently passed away from cancer at age 37. READ MORE.

CCI: Image Gets "United"

With the pre-show announcement that writer Robert Kirkman would become the first partner at the company since its 1992 founding, Image Comics seemed to have unleashed its biggest piece of news before this year's Comic-Con International even began. READ MORE.

"Magdalena" stars to make Comic-Conappearance

Top Cow Productions Inc. announced today that actors Jenna Dewan (“Step up,” “The Grudge 2”) and Luke Goss (“Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” “Blade II”), who were recently announced as starring in a movie based on The Magdalena comic series, will appear at the publisher’s panel on Saturday, July 26 at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about their involvement with the project. In addition, the actors will sign “Magdalena” posters at the Top Cow booth (#2329) after the panel. Dewan will also appear at the Top Cow booth on Friday for an hour-long signing. READ MORE.

Myspace Comics Previews Twilight Guardian and Broken Trinity

MySpace Comic Books has previews of Twilight Guardian and Broken Trinity #1 READ MORE.

Wizard's Quarterback reviews Broken Trinity #1

Sara Pezzini is out playing mom when she realizes she's being followed by one of Jackie Estacado's goons, a fact she's none too happy about. But this goon in question holds the key to an ancient artifact, which is sure to pop up and threaten both the Witchblade, the Darkness and the Angelus. Meanwhile, you get some radical flashbacks to ancient Norse times, where Frost Giants and Fire Demons are throwing down like it's "Braveheart" time. READ MORE.

Rotten Tomatoes covers Magdalena and Witchblade movie announcements

Red Sonja isn't the only "bad girl" to get movie news this week. Nope, Hollywood has finally figured out that guys may like scantily clad girls, but they LOVE scantily clad girls with sharp pointy objects. So, the Witchblade movie continues to develop, with Michael Rymer, READ MORE.

Witchblade TV series covered in The Oklahoman

The tale of the Witchblade, an ancient weapon first seen in comics, blazed the path for original cable TV programming, says the publisher of the "Witchblade” comic books. "Witchblade,” the television series, will be released Tuesday on DVD. READ MORE.

Newsarama reviews Witchblade TV Series DVD collection

Way back when, before Turner decided its TNT channel should be all-comedy, it tried to go toe-to-toe with the likes of FX and Spike. One of its more daring dramas was to make a series out of Top Cow’s Witchblade. READ MORE.

Birth Of A Comic

Blair Butler visits Top Cow Productions to find out what goes into making a comic-book, from concept to publication.


Fresh Ink Genius review


Wanted comic vs movie review


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Matt Hawkins talks “Witchblade” movie

Last month, the big screen adaptation of Top Cow’s “Witchblade” was officially announced. The franchise, which has already spawned a two-season TV series back in 2000 and more recently a Japanese anime, is being developed for a live-action theatrical release by Platinum Studios, Top Cow Productions and Arclight Films. Top Cow’s Marc Silverstri and Matt Hawkins are executive producing the film, and CBR News caught up with Hawkins to get some early details on the fledgling production. READ MORE.

Friday, July 25, 2008

SDCC '08 - Image Founders Unite in Image United

Image United will give a whole new meaning to the term "jam session."

As announced at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, the Image United mini-series that debuts next year will be created by six of the artists who founded the publishing company 16 years ago -- Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, and Todd McFarlane -- along with the newest Image partner, writer Robert Kirkman. But what is really different about this jam session is that each artist will draw the characters he created -- sometimes meaning one scene of the series will have six artists working on it. READ MORE.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Meet the stars of the upcoming film based on Top Cow’s holiest character

LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 23, 2008 – Top Cow Productions Inc. announced today that actors Jenna Dewan (“Step up,” “The Grudge 2”) and Luke Goss (“Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” “Blade II”), who were recently announced as starring in a movie based on The Magdalena comic series, will appear at the publisher’s panel on Saturday, July 26 at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about their involvement with the project. In addition, the actors will sign “Magdalena” posters at the Top Cow booth (#2329) after the panel. Dewan will also appear at the Top Cow booth on Friday for an hour-long signing. READ MORE.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marc Silvestri Talks Witchblade, Magdalena Films

Still hot on the heels of the successful film adaptation of Wanted, Top Cow Productions has movement on two more movie projects for their comic book properties.

As rumored last month and confirmed on Monday by Variety, Michael Rymer of Battlestar Galactica fame will direct and co-produce a film version of the Top Cow character Witchblade. READ MORE.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


July 22, 2008 – Top Cow Productions Inc. announced its schedule today
for this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, the nation’s biggest and best comics and pop culture extravaganza to be held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California from July 23 - 27.
Top Cow will set up shop at Booth #2329 and heads into the convention with exclusives,
preview books, free goodies and a long list of guests, headlined by Top Cow CEO and founder Marc Silvestri (Witchblade, The Darkness, Cyberforce), artist J.G. Jones (Wanted) and writer Paul Dini (Madame Mirage).

Actor and producer Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Family Guy) and writer Hugh Sterbakov
will be on hand to sign copies of their new Freshmen comic, Freshmen: Summer Vacation
Special and the new Vol. 1 hardcover. During their signing (see schedule below), they will be joined by renowned sculptor Clayburn Moore to premiere the prototype of the Nightmare Puppeteer Torso Statue, based on the lead female Freshmen character. The limited-run statue will ship in early 2009 but will be available for pre-order at Comic-Con and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and an exclusive mini-litho, available only at the signing. READ MORE.

True Blood: The Great Revelation PREVIEW

On behalf of our partners at Spacedog Entertainment, we are pleased to give you the first look at pages from True Blood: The Great Revelation, a print and online comic book based on HBO’s new original series created by Alan Ball, True Blood℠.

HBO and Top Cow Productions have partnered to release the comic series, True Blood: The Great Revelation, which serves as the prequel to the upcoming HBO series “True Blood” by Alan Ball (“Six Feet Under,” “American Beauty”) and based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The comic book is written by David Wohl (Witchblade, The Darkness) with art by Jason Badower (HEROES online comic), colored by Blond and story by Brian Cain and Gregg Hale (“The Blair Witch”) at Campfire.

The printed version of the book premieres at San Diego Comic-Con and will be available free of charge to Comic-Con attendees (visit the Top Cow at booth #2329). The first full 16 pages of the story will be available starting July 24th at, with new installations every Wednesday. The book contains eight pages of bonus material that includes an interview with Alan Ball. The back cover features poster art from the series which premieres online today and in print on Thursday.

Here’s a brief summary of the story:
True Blood: The Great Revelation tells of a world where vampires emerge from the shadows to join everyday society. After centuries of living in darkness, they are able to make their presence known with the advent of a synthetic blood – Tru Blood – created by a Japanese company, which allows them to co-exist peacefully with humans without murderous feedings. But for many humans this revelation is greeted with the fear of the unknown. In the midst of a new community of people struggling for acceptance in society, the ancient and wise “Vampire King” of California, Lamar, is summoned to Tokyo for a meeting with the executives of the company that produces Tru Blood, where he’ll learn of their broader aspirations and the role they’ve devised for him.

HBO will also be hosting a panel session with Alan Ball & Charlaine Harris and the cast of “True Blood” on Thursday, July 24 at 4:30pm in room 6CDEF of the San Diego Convention Center.

For more on the show and the comic, visit

“True Blood” premieres Sunday, September 7th at 9pm, on HBO.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Michael Rymer signs on to direct Witchblade movie

"Battlestar Galactica" stalwart Michael Rymer will direct and co-produce "Witchblade," a feature film adaptation of the Top Cow comic.

The fantasy, which was recently set up for movie treatment (Daily Variety, May 12), involves a jewel-encrusted gauntlet that bestows extraordinary powers upon the possessor, one chosen female from each generation. READ MORE.

CBR has sneak peek of True Blood, comic we are publishing for HBO

In anticipation of the new HBO vampire series “True Blood,” Top Cow Productions will debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego a comic book prelude one-shot to the show called “True Blood: The Great Revelation” by writer David Wohl (“Witchblade,” “The Darkness”) with art by Jason Badower (“Heroes”) with colors by Blond from a story by Brian Cain and Gregg Hale (“The Blair Witch”), and CBR brings you an exclusive preview of the first five pages. READ MORE.

The Art of Witchblade PREVIEW

The Art of Witchblade
(A) Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Keu Cha, Stjepan Sejic, Mike Choi, and many more! (Cov) Marc Silvestri

Beautiful artwork has always been a hallmark of the WITCHBLADE franchise, and now for the first time you can have the creme de la creme in one high-end art book! This oversized 9” x 12” softcover coffee table art book features selected works from the artists that defined the Witchblade legacy, including Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Keu Cha, Stjepan Sejic, Mike Choi, Francis Manapul, Randy Green and Adriana Melo. Printed on the highest-quality paper, featuring an embossed cover, and additional interviews and text pieces, this collection can’t be missed!

Full Color 96 pages $19.99 art book