Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Freshmen II #6

Freshmen II #6
"Fundamentals of Fear x153: The Enemy Within" pt. 6
(W) Hugh Sterbakov (P) Will Conrad (Col) Blond (Cov) Conrad, Migliari
The team is torn apart by jealousy, and the distraction is just enough to allow a new, deadly threat to rise from the ashes of a fallen enemy. The result will be catastrophic—nothing will ever be the same again (really!) as the non-stop "Fundamentals of Fear" careens toward its jaw-dropping conclusion. We're serious! In fact, tape your jaw up before you even pick this book up, or we won't be responsible!

Co-created by the self-deprecating Seth Green and written by the star of BUFFY, AUSTIN POWERS, ROBOT CHICKEN and Seth's dreams, Hugh Sterbakov!
Cover A) Will Conrad
Cover B) Rodolfo Migliari (Part 6 of a six-part cover)
Full Color 32 pages $3.99 continuing series

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