Thursday, October 25, 2007

ICV2 interviews Matt Hawkins Part 1, Witchblade

With the robust launch of the Witchblade anime series, the success Darkness Videogame and the impending release of a major motion picture based on Wanted, ICv2 talked with Top Cow President Matt Hawkins to see what strategies Top Cow would adopt in order to take advantage of these multi-media opportunities to sell more comic books and graphic novels. In Part I Hawkins explains the "rebooting" of the Witchblade trade series and the different approaches to the bookstore and direct markets. In Part II he talks about the new Darkness comic book series and Top Cow's changing business model; while in Part III Hawkins discusses the forthcoming film version of Wanted and, from the perspective of someone who has been involved with at least 30 projects that have been optioned for development, the difficulties of getting films made in Tinseltown. CLICK HERE

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