Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Darkness Inspired Music!

Pavmire, a great electronica group on MySpace, created some music inspire by The Darkness and shared it with us. We thought we'd share it with the rest of the Herd.

Here's what Pavmire wrote us regarding their inspiration:

Hello Top Cow Fans,

This is Pavmire. We're an electronic industrial group that is highly influenced by Depeche Mode, Sci-fi films, and graphic novels/comic books.

One of my favorite comic book stories that has inspired me to write our dark-down-tempo music is "The Darkness". Why? Well, I, Dehn of Pavmire, completely identify with the main charicter, Jackie. We are both dark in physical features and persona. We're both ladies men, but most importantly, I have a bit of a dark side to myself that comes out in my instrumentation and lyrics. I guess you could call them my own "darklings".
Many of my close friends often ask where this dark sound comes from, because they never see it until they hear our music. My answer, "ask Jackie." Anyone who's read "The Darkness" can see and hear the likness in our music. Just pick up an issue of "The Darkness and listen to the tracks on our myspace page, and you'll see what i mean.

Here even more tunes at:

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