Sunday, November 18, 2007


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Top Cow announced a First Born Aftermath one-shot for March and its second Pilot Season plans at its Wizard World Texas panel on Saturday.

The oversized Aftermath book will include two 11-page stories, one by Ron Marz and Ryan Sook and the other by Phil Hester and an artist to be announced. Marz is writing a bridging story, with art by Witchblade artist Stjepan Sejic.

"It will introduce a major new villain for Jackie," Hester said.

The second Pilot Season will take place in May/June. The twist this time is all the books will be original concepts. Top Cow's Matt Hawkins said deals have already been made with talent, with announcements coming.

Panelists on Saturday included Hester, Hawkins, Rob Levin, Filip Sablik, Marc Silvestri and Michael Broussard.

Following are highlights:

* Hester on writing The Darkness: "It's pretty daunting, but also exciting and rewarding to be trusted with a character that has been as long as The Darkness."

* Broussard said he's been a fan of The Darkness for a long time and is excited to be on board for his first ongoing. Hester likened it to playing center field for the Yankees as a rookie.

* Hawkins noted 2007 marks Top Cow's 16th year.

* Hawkins said there will be a sequel to The Darkness video game -- "sooner than later." The first game, which was banned in Singapore, sold out its original shipment in a week. Hawkins said there will be a Platinum edition.

* Silvestri said work continues on developing The Darkness movie. PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE!!

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