Thursday, February 21, 2008


Publisher Launches Clothing Site with Thunder Creek!

LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 21, 2008 - Top Cow Productions, in conjunction with mass market manufacturer Thunder Creek, announced today that the direct-to-consumer apparel website previewed at Top Cow’s San Diego panel had gone live. Fans interested in browsing and purchasing new and unique Top Cow-branded apparel should direct their browsers to

As announced previously, consumers will be able to select from numerous designs and styles of t-shirts and other Top Cow apparel. Currently the site features 40 unique designs with regular updates expected in the coming months. The site will be managed under Thunder Creek’s On Demand Apparel brand Swag Dog. Thunder Creek is one of the world’s leading mass market manufacturers of t-shirts and other clothing items with clients that include Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, and Target. Fans will be able to choose from designs featuring Witchblade, The Darkness, Aphrodite IX, Magdalena, Cyberforce, and many others.

“We’re incredibly excited to have up and running,” commented Filip Sablik, Publisher for Top Cow. “I can’t wait to see fans show up at conventions this year wearing their Magdalena, Aphrodite IX, and other shirts and showing off their favorite Top Cow character.”

“I’ve always appreciated Top Cow’s art,” commented Mike Horn, Business Development for Thunder Creek. “The fans have been coming to their booth at the shows forever. Adding Top Cow to our On Demand Apparel program is a fantastic match as I am confident that we will deliver a much wider variety of designs than the fans have ever seen!”

Additional information regarding Top Cow Gear can be found at the official website:

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