Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Witchblade #115 Graham Crackers Pick of the Week

Our Pals at Graham Crackers, Illinois' biggest and best comic chain, picked Witchblade #115 as their "Pick of the Week" last week. Check out what they had to say below -

Witchblade #115 - Is this weekly now? Hmm. Anyway, it’s still weird to me that not only do I read Witchblade now, not only do I enjoy Witchblade now, I actually LOOK FORWARD to Witchblade. Weird, like I said. What’s weirder is that perennial whipping-boy for everything crass and cheesecake-y about modern comics, Witchblade has developed into a pretty cool little slice-of-life book, with Sara juggling the demands of being a new mother and a cop (and occasional supernatural champion), while Dani tries to juggle a dance career with dating (and occasional supernatural championing). This issue is actually a great jumping on point, with very little cheesecake (there is some, but it’s more-or-less tasteful) and a lot of drama and comedy, as we get to see a day in the life of both leads. Plus, a super-cute baby! In Witchblade. I know, right?

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