Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wizard Universe Interviews Randy Queen About Starfall

Randy Queen returns to full-on comic work with his newest series Starfall!

What's it about? We'll let Randy give a rundown in his own words:

"Space Pirates crash land on an uncharted Jungle Planet, and unknowingly unleash degenerative nanobot technology that turns the local dinosaur and cannibal populace into raging zombies!

"The story's protagonist is Sierra Starfall, a female Flash Gordon/Tarzan type character who's hotwired with Dragon DNA and over 100 years old—despite not looking a day over 25. Sierra is legendary and considered by many to be the galaxy's greatest warrior. She is commander of a fiercely loyal rogue's gallery of alien mercs, who have survived and vanquished many perils. This time they won't."

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