Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interview: JG JONES

Newsaramaa Interview with JG Jones.

NRAMA: At what point did you say you weren't going to be a "painter" and decide to become a comic book artist?

JGJ: I went to grad school in Albany and then I moved to New York City. And I was working at a little local newspaper in Brooklyn to subsidize my painting habit. And I just decided I didn't like the people in the art world here. And I got interested in comics again because a friend of mine at the newspaper was a big comic fan. We drew a comic together, and I brought about five pages into a show at the Javits Center, showed them to Jim Shooter. I didn't know who Jim Shooter was, but this big, tall man kept saying, "I want to give you a job," and I kept saying, "I have a job." So I don't know -- it took, like, two months of them calling me for me to realize drawing comics was actually a job choice and something you could do in life. READ MORE.

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