Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Shots review of Lady Pendragon

After the successful Pilot Season project from last year, Top Cow is back with another round of pilot comics. Six different pilot issues will be released and fans will get to vote on their favorites. The two receiving the most votes will get their own title. First up is Lady Pendragon, originally created in 1996 by Matt Hawkins and published by Image Comics. Lady Pendragon is a modern take on the Arthurian mythos and the book begins with a summary of the events that took place in the original series. Jennifer Drake, a writer of historical fiction, finds that ancient tablets written in Latin tell the same story as her books. A sword found fused to a stone on Mars, is removed by Jennifer, bringing forth an age of magic to the world as well as enemies Morganna and Mordred. READ MORE.

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