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Project will feature a combination of different genres to form an exciting new property

Top Cow Productions, Inc. announced today it will publish Starfall, a new, original science fiction and fantasy series created by fan-favorite Darkchylde writer and artist, Randy Queen. While the project will not be solicited until all the issues are finished, a preview book of the series will debut at the Top Cow booth at San Diego Comic-Con July 24-27.
“The high concept of the series is this: Space pirates crash land on an uncharted jungle planet and unknowingly unleash a degenerative nanobot technology that turns the local dinosaur and cannibal populace into raging zombies!” explained Queen. “The story’s main protagonist is Sierra Starfall, a female Flash Gordon/Tarzan type character who’s hotwired with Dragon DNA and over 100 years old, despite not looking a day over 25. Sierra is legendary and considered by many to be the Galaxy’s Greatest Warrior. She is the commander of a fiercely loyal rogues gallery of Alien Mercs, who have survived and vanquished many perils. This time they won’t.”
The introductory storyline chronicles the last mission of Starfall’s valiant crew. “It will be a study on how the dynamics of a team book become the dynamics of a solo book as the pirates meet their collective fates on this savage planet. And they do not go quietly into that good night!” expressed Queen.
Starfall marks a reunion between Top Cow and Queen. “Top Cow is where I got my start, and was essentially my college experience. Founder and CEO Marc Silvestri was the first person who wanted me to draw a comic book, and because he is one of my favorite artists, it had a profound and life-changing effect,” remarked Queen. “Matt Hawkins was the man who would later help launch Darkchylde, and his marketing muscle and branding tenacity is also profound and admirable,” Queen said, referring to Top Cow’s current president and COO. “To return to the Herd and launch something completely new with both gentlemen and Top Cow is a genuine thrill.”
“We are excited to welcome Randy back to Top Cow and look forward to working with him in presenting this new vision to comic book fans everywhere,” commented Hawkins. “Sierra Starfall is a strong female character whose beauty, skills, tenacity and demeanor will put her up there in the ranks with Sara Pezzini and Ariel Chylde.”
Starfall is a mash-up of several different genres, Queen explained. “With Starfall, my business partner Sarah Oates and I are returning to the style and tone of what fans and retailers have said they’ve wanted to see us get back to. We hope to create one of the most beautiful books on the market, and also an incredibly fun read. I have a deep love for jungle adventure and space fantasy, as well as horror films, and this dovetails these loves into a truly compelling new property with so many exciting possibilities. I can’t reinvent the space fantasy or the jungle adventure, but I can offer a unique fusion of those genres with my own perspective and ideas so that it becomes its own animal.
“We hope fans will join us on this new voyage, and will embrace Sierra Starfall as their own, because she is created specifically for them,” Queen concluded.
If you like Star Wars, Alien Legion, Micronauts, Flash Gordon, Aliens, Tarzan, and King Kong, then this new sci-fi-horror title is right up your alley. Be sure to pick up the preview book at the Top Cow booth at San Diego Comic-Con July 24-27!
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