Thursday, June 26, 2008

WANTED: Thomas Kretschmann

In “Wanted,” the new action film based on the Top Cow graphic novel by Mark Millar and JG Jones, actor Thomas Kretschmann plays the elusive Cross, the best assassin in the world and the target star James McAvoy must track down and kill. The enigmatic sharp-shooter says little in the film, allowing his fearsome presence and acumen with a weapon to speak for him. For the German born Kretschmann, the silence of his character was a bonus. “I like not to talk actually in films,” he told CBR News. “For an actor, I think it’s more interesting to express yourself without talking. I personally like that. I also like in regular scripts, where I have like normal [amounts of] dialogue, to cut out as much as I can. Everything, basically what I can play, I don’t like to say. And if a director knows what he’s doing, they get along with that. They seem to like it.”


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