Monday, July 21, 2008

Comic Vine interview with Ron Marz on BROKEN TRINITY

Comic Vine: You and Stjepan Sejic are working on Broken Trinity and Witchblade (until at least issue 150), what's it like seeing your stories with his art? It's almost scary how lifelike it can look.

Ron Marz: Well, I wouldn't have signed onto the book through 2010 if I didn't really dig what Stjepan was doing. It's a collaboration I'm really happy with. I know I can give him the epic stuff, and it's going to come back looking fantastic. But I know I can also give him dense character pages that depend on mood and expression, and he’s going to nail that, too. Stjepan is also an idea factory. He's constantly throwing ideas and designs into the mix, so this is a true collaboration, not just an assembly line where I write and he paints. READ MORE.

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