Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Comic Vine reviews Broken Trinity: The Darkness:

Jackie's back in New York City. That's good. My problem is we still haven't seen the conclusion of his adventures on the other side of the equator. It's been interesting in the Darkness series seeing Jackie operating in another country. It's too bad things didn't go too well for him down there.

With this issue, Jackie has made the decision to head back to New York to be closer to his daughter. That makes sense. An appearance by Butcher was nice too. We get to see some of the ramifications when Jackie just decided to up and leave. He had an organization that he simply left behind. There's bound to be some fallout from his move. Now that he's in a weakened state, he has his work cut out for himself. He will show that he's still a formidable opponent. READ MORE.

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