Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey Pilot Season fans!

Here are messages from the creative teams behind the 2008 Pilot Season winners, TWILIGHT GUARDIAN and GENIUS:

"I can't begin to thank all the people who put Twilight Guardian in this wonderful situation, though rest assured I'll be trying to do so for a while (so if you get a strange call at two in the morning...). For now, I'll just say thank you to Reza for his fantastic work, and to everyone who voted and got the word out there, and all the gang at Top Cow for giving it a chance. It's great to win this, but it's even cooler to know we've got folks behind us." -- TROY HICKMAN

"First and foremost, a huge 'thank you!' Many fans bitch that they want new, fresh ideas while simultaneously rejecting anything that is not mainstream. You put your vote where your mouth is. For whatever reason, something in Genius grabbed you and, as the creators, there is no bigger compliment. You've put the pressure on us to deliver. We will not disappoint you." --ADAM FREEMAN

"And we appreciate you coming to the table with an open mind. Genius is not your average comic book. This is the story of a villain, presented as if she's the hero, free of any of the 'comfort' trappings one usually gets in comic fiction. There are no costumes, no secret identities, no lanterns of power or irradiated spiders. We're playing in the real world, telling a story with real-world parallels. The fact that Genius didn't scare too many people away is incredibly heartening." --MARC BERNARDIN

"A million thanks to you who voted and took the time out to read and give your opinions, support and well wishes. You chose Genius and it's a privilege to continue doing this story knowing easily you could have picked any of the other really great books in Pilot Season. We won't let you down." --AFUA RICHARDSON

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