Monday, September 01, 2008

Pilot Season: Lady Pendragon #1 - The FULL Issue

Voting is open, and Top Cow has provided Newsarama with ALL the Pilot Season 2008 titles for you to check out, today: Lady Pendragon. Head to for voting details. The solicitation for the issue reads: (W) Matt Hawkins (A) Eru (Cov) Drew Struzan -- A direct descendant of King Arthur and Lady Guinevere revives magic in the modern-day world, but is conflicted when she discovers her doing so may have done more harm than good. Filled with nods to Arthurian legend and a fantastic dragon battle scene unlike any other, the issue is drawn by Singapore-based artist Eru of Imaginary Friends Studios and features a beautiful painted cover by Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie poster artist Drew Struzan! READ MORE.

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