Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ron Marz talks DRAGON PRINCE on MySpace Comic Books

What are the nuts and bolts of DRAGON PRINCE?

RON MARZ: It's something a little different for me, and something a little different for Top Cow. DRAGON PRINCE is a modern fantasy story, set in the here and now. It's about a 13-year-old boy named Aaron Chiang whose heritage is American on his mother's side and Chinese on his deceased father's side. So Aaron has never quite fit in with either group. But then he finds out the truth of his heritage: his father was a shape-shifting dragon, the last dragon on Earth, before he was hunted down by a secret society of wizards. Now that Aaron is coming of age, these wizards are turning their attention toward him. So it's got fantasy elements, it's got coming-of-age elements. It's an all-ages story, but I think when people hear "all ages" they immediately assume it's for kids. But all ages really means ALL ages -- kids, adults, anybody. It's four issues, written by me and drawn by Lee Moder, first issue out September 10. READ MORE.

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