Monday, October 13, 2008

CBR writer and his 11-year-old daughter review DRAGON PRINCE #2

The all-ages adventure of Aaron Chiang and his mother continues in a new issue of the first storyline in this Top Cow comic.

Marz picks up right where he left off in the first issue, with Aaron and his mother on the precipice of a terrible calamity. Aaron carries the lineage of dragons in his veins, and that lineage is the target of a secretive enclave looking to eliminate dragons through their own magic.

Moder's art here is strong and clean, aptly aided by the colors of Blond (that just seems weird to type). Moder's work has evolved quite substantially since his days on "Stars and STRIPE," almost to the point where his work here feels like it could be a completely different artist. A very keenly detailed, clean-lined different artist, but different nonetheless. The sensibilities of Moder's design here are more straightforward, more cinematic, than they were in "Stars." Here, that works very well. It provides a realism to this tale that might otherwise be hard to grasp, given the fantastic nature of the feature characters.

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