Thursday, October 02, 2008

LA Weekly names best Comics Shops in LA

In Kevin Huizenga’s rich, dynamic story “The Curse,” from his collection, Curses, a suburban man, Glenn Ganges, and his wife, who has just given birth, try to understand the flock of European starlings that has invaded their trees. The “curse” of the title is this foreboding feathered infestation, which has upset the balance in the new family’s otherwise hopeful existence. With pitch-perfect tone, Huizenga unwinds the birds’ back story, tracing the flock to its original North American sin: the day a man named Eugene Schiefflin, a member of a group called the American Acclimatization Society, uncaged 80 or so members of the species he had carried from Europe in order to introduce to the continent “foreign varieties of the animal and vegetable kingdoms as may be useful or interesting.” READ MORE.

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