Sunday, October 12, 2008

Milo Ventimiglia talks Berserker comic

WIZARD: Where did the idea for Berserker (arriving in 2009 from Top Cow) come from?
VENTIMIGLIA: Berserker came from the great brain of Rick Loverd. He was a staff writer on "Friday Night Lights." Russ [Cundiff], my producing partner at Divide, and I had a meeting with him talking about projects he was working on or wanting to work on. He passed us Berserker and we just fell in love with this almost pilot script that he had written. We try and look for guys that are much like ourselves, that are very passionate about the projects that they're working on, and Rick has no lack of passion on Berserker.

What is Berserker about?
VENTIMIGLIA: Berserker is about a group of people that find out that they're a part of this ancient Norse mythology and they have something in their body make-up that makes them go into a murderous rage, to literally go berserk and rip people, life and limb, apart. The scary thing is that they can't distinguish when they're going berserk. When they're "'zerking out," they can't distinguish between an enemy and a loved one. You may be in a battle and rip apart all your enemies, but you turn toward your comrades and you rip them apart, too.

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