Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CBR claims DRAGON PRINCE would work great as animated film in its review of issue #3

Ah, the third issue where the plot slows down, so things can be explained -— this structure is strangely New Reader Friendly. I didn’t read the first two issues of “Dragon Prince,” but this issue is so easy to follow along that I wasn’t lost at all. Aaron is a dragon, or half-dragon since his mother is human, and he’s been captured by a group called the Magi that hunt dragons, supposedly to protect humanity.

There’s something very familiar about that plot. It’s not a rip-off of anything specific, but the general ideas are very basic and general: a young boy finds out he’s got a secret heritage with two groups telling him conflicting things, each trying to win him over. But, Ron Marz makes this generic sort of plot work with subtle hints that Aaron is also aware of stories like that, and is wary of everything he’s told. He doesn’t believe what Madigan, leader of the Magi tells him, but he also doesn’t disbelieve. The character is remarkably self-aware, but that self-awareness is downplayed and mostly hinted at. READ MORE.

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