Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fearnet talks to William Harms about IMPALER

I had the chance to speak with William Harms, creator of the vampire comic Impaler, about the comic, his creative process and the future of the series. Impaler tells the story of Vlad the Impaler, most commonly rendered as a vampire in fiction, who in this story is actually a vampire slayer. When a new vampire threat engulfs New York City, he returns from the depths of time to defend humanity, and teams up with a police office, Victor, in the battle of a lifetime (or several). Read on for scoops on where the title is headed and what’s in store for its characters!

Tell us about the history of Impaler.

Basically, it started out as a series with Image Central, that started in October of 1996, and three issues were released through them. Then the sales weren’t quite what we needed, regardless of the book’s acclaim, to go on. So my agent took it to Top Cow, and that’s how it ended up there. From there, there’s been a large gap in the publishing, but that’s just because of scheduling and talkbacks and all that kind of stuff. READ MORE.

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