Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paul Dini talks Star Wars and Jingle Belle

The next episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars should be one that will interest Jedi and Dark Knight fans alike. It marks the return of Paul Dini to George Lucas’ universe.

Note the word, “return.”

What many don’t realize is this is not the first time Dini worked on a Star Wars project. Years before he worked on Batman: The Animated Series, before he worked with Bruce Timm, Dini was a staff writer, story editor and producer of the series Ewoks & Droids for Nelvana. So, his writing the upcoming episode “Cloak of Darkness” is something a coming home. Then again, when one hears what the episode is about, it’s totally understandable.

While this is also the holiday season, and Mr. Dini is just about to release his latest adventures of one of his best spunky female characters ever, we felt it appropriate to talk about that book a bit, too. As any Jedi fan knows, the universe is full of amazing things, big and small. Some new Jingle Belle tales sure fit that order. READ MORE.

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