Monday, November 03, 2008

Review of Witchblade TV Series on DVD

Contrary to what my fanboy husband likes to think, I did have an interest in some things in the sci-fi/comic/fantasy realm before I met him. I was big into Voltron as a kid. V was one of my all-time favorite alien series. And despite the campy film, I liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer series as well. In 2001 — not long before we met — I also got into a new show on TNT — Witchblade.

Though I started watching the series regularly, life intruded and I was not able to watch it on a regular basis. So, when the entire series was released on DVD, I was very excited to finally be able to catch up on all that I’d missed. Not only that, the disc extras helped put the story and characters into new perspective that I didn’t expect.

Witchblade follows New York City detective Sarah Pezzini (Yancy Butler) as she faces some bizarre and tragic personal and professional circumstances. Her father is recently murdered by the local mob kingpin (who is also out for her blood) and she has sworn revenge within the parameters of the law. As Pez goes after the mob boss and his henchmen, she becomes briefly fascinated with an armored glove in a museum. Moments later, she’s nearly gunned down by an assassin and the whole place is blown sky high. How did she survive? The glove, later revealed to be the Witchblade, chose her as its wielder and protected her from harm. READ MORE.

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