Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Publisher Filip Sablik talks upcoming Top Cow trade paperbacks

Top Cow’s Filip Sablik has been making the rounds on the internet of late, letting everyone know about The Cow’s plans for its monthly titles and special projects in 2009. You can read all about it here. However, I was curious about their trade paperback plans for the coming year as well. There are a lot of fanboys who strictly read the trades, after all. So I thought “Hey, I have a blog. I’ll email Top Cow and see what they have to say.” Imagine my surprise and shock when not only did I get an answer, but I also got an email interview with their publisher, Filip Sablik. What follows are the questions I asked and Mr. Sablik’s answers, which are in blue.

Are there going to be any more Witchblade: Origins trades and are you looking into doing something similar for The Darkness?

Yes and yes! We will be releasing two more volumes of Witchblade: Origins, which will cover the first 25 issues of Witchblade. This is essentially the original Michael Turner run on Witchblade and covers Sara’s formative adventures.

We are also looking at rebranding the earlier trades of The Darkness as The Darkness: Origins to match up uniformly with the Witchblade line. You’ll probably see something along those lines later in 2009. READ MORE.

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