Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top Cow Pledges $2.99 Cover Price Through 2009

A quick survey through Previews or across the shelves at your local comic shop will confirm that sinking feeling that you’ve had about comics lately – the prices are starting to creep up. Gone are the days of publishers like DC and Marvel lifting their entire line by a quarter. Now, in a sea of $2.99 cover prices, titles, popular titles are starting to cross into the $3.00 range, most often landing at $3.99.

As 2009 gets underway, there’s one publisher that won’t be adjusting its cover prices: Top Cow. As Publisher Filip Sablik tells Newsarama, Top Cow has made a pledge that it’s titles will remain at $2.99 through 2009.

Here’s what Sablik had to say:

Newsarama: Filip, was this something that you set out to do, that is, “We need to hold the prices, no matter what,” or was there just no reason to raise prices when you looked at things?

Filip Sablik: I don’t know if there’s no reason to raise prices – I think there’s always a reason to raise prices – to make more money [laughs]. But I think this was a case of us looking around at the market and kind of listening to retailer and fan feedback and realizing that it’s a concern – a concern for us and for the fans. When you look around and 50% of Marvel and DC’s releases are over the $3.00 mark, that is a concern, and we want to offer fans another alternative. We’re doing okay at $2.99, and decided that if we could hold it there, we should. READ MORE.

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