Sunday, December 07, 2008

WEEK OF TOP COW: Matt Hawkins

In the first installment of CBR’s WEEK OF TOP COW, we spoke with Top Cow Productions founder Marc Silvestri about the early days of the company, and we later followed up with Filip Sablik, the prodigious Publisher of Top Cow, about the company’s current direction, experiments with online content, and what sets Top Cow apart from other outfits. We then spoke with Ron Marz and Phil Hester, the writers of “Witchblade” and “The Darkness,” respectively, about working on Top Cow’s flagship titles as well as what makes the Cow a creative oasis in the desert of corporate comics. After that, Vice President of Editorial Rob Levin sat down with us to talk about the creative direction of the Top Cow titles as well as the numerous Pilot Season projects -- one-shots featuring new or underused characters that readers can vote for via MySpace to determine which title will graduate to ongoing series.

For our fifth and final installment, Top Cow President Matt Hawkins speaks extremely candidly about the company’s business history, about the many and varied changes the Cow has undergone in the ten years he’s been there, as well as Top Cow’s endeavors in film, video games and other ancillary media. READ MORE.

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