Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Week of Top Cow on CBR continues with an interview with publisher Filip Sablik

In the first installment of CBR’s WEEK OF TOP COW, we spoke with Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri about the early days of the company, the launch of Image Comics, its enormous success in the 1990s, the challenges it faces in today’s much more competitive comic book industry, and the forthcoming film adaptations of Top Cow’s Witchblade and Magdalena characters.

In this second part of WEEK OF TOP COW, we sit down with Filip Sablik, who famously rose from a Diamond Distributors staffer to Top Cow’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing to Top Cow Publisher in just a few short years. Under Sablik’s watch, Top Cow has initiated the very successful Pilot Season program, whereby the publisher releases a selection of one-shots featuring new or underused characters, and readers vote via MySpace to determine which title will graduate to ongoing series.

Sablik talks to CBR News about his role as Publisher, the current direction of the Cow, the company’s experiments with online content, what sets Top Cow apart from other outfits, and and what fans can expect in the new year. READ MORE.

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