Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WEEK OF TOP COW: Ron Marz & Phil Hester

In the first installment of CBR’s WEEK OF TOP COW, we spoke with Top Cow Productions founder Marc Silvestri about the early days of the company, the launch of Image Comics, its enormous success in the 1990s, the challenges it faces in today’s much more competitive comic book industry, and the forthcoming film adaptations of Top Cow’s Witchblade and Magdalena characters.

We followed up with Filip Sablik, the prodigious Publisher of Top Cow, about the company’s current direction, experiments with online content, what sets Top Cow apart from other outfits, and what fans can expect in the new year.

For our third installment of WEEK OF TOP COW, CBR News spoke with Ron Marz, the writer who’s helmed Top Cow’s flagship title “Witchblade” since issue 2004, and Phil Hester, the artist-turned-writer who successfully re-launched “The Darkness” last year. In this extremely candid and in-depth interview, Marz and Hester discuss their individual creative experiences at the publisher, their philosophies on writing, views of the comic book industry, and tell us what’s in store for the twin pillars of the Top Cow brand. READ MORE.

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