Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wizard Spotlights Jingle Belle

Simply put, Jingle Belle rocks.

Created by award-winning writer Paul Dini, the Jingle Belle series of books follows the varying misadventures of Santa's bratty daughter Jingle as she finds countless ways to cause trouble and irritate her jolly dad. After hopping around from publisher to publisher, Dini's line of "Dinicartoons" found a home at Top Cow—kicking off with this week's Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a pretty big Dini fan—and a fan of the Jingle Belle concept in general—I went in with pretty high expectations. The best part of this book is that Dini's latest installment surpassed not only my expectations, but everything that came before. The one-shot pokes fun at a number of real-life political issues (see the PREVIEW PAGES below this review for an idea) while simultaneously providing an enjoyable and fun read for people of any age—hence the whole All Ages thing. Stephanie Gladden's art really shines and feels like the best ever on the series. READ MORE.

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