Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Comix Extreme reviews IMPALER #1

Back when Image was doing the advance review thing, I got to see a couple of issues of this, and I was fairly impressed. It was a vampire story, sure, but it was different enough to be interesting. Now, moved over to Top Cow, you can look at this both as a sequel and a spin-off, as it tries to establish itself as a new thing for readers who may be unaware of its first incarnation. Newcomers shouldn't be too confused, because all you need to know you're told. After a mass vampirism outbreak in New York, Washington decided to nuke the place to keep the “infection” from spreading. But it was too late, as the vampires have already spread outside of New York, and the only one who has a chance at stopping them – Vlad the Impaler (yeah, that guy) – is trapped in New York with an unlucky (?) survivor. READ MORE.

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