Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jazma Online reviews Dragon Prince #4 and Darkness #10/74

Dragon Prince #4
Its all in the family. A family torn apart by what they think is right or wrong. Should dragons roam free?
A young dragon just learning his way has some serious adventures ahead. The art and colors bring out the magic within these pages giving it life. It is truely an artistic delight. The dragon is a majestic sight. The artwork brings out the power in it. READ MORE.

Darkness #10/74
Jackie has become a collections man. He now works for Sovereign. How the mighty have fallen. He is a shell of his former self.
Jackie can be one sadistic mean SOB. Phil Hester writes a compelling story. Jackie's character grabs your attention. Jackie is by no means shown as a good person he does though have a way of dealing with those who are outright evil. Jackie is an anti-hero he does whatever he feels is right and to hell with the consequences. His character is one of no morals where he is concerned with doing what he thinks is right. READ MORE.

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