Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AICN reviews Impaler Volume 1 Trade

Top Cow’s beautiful looking IMPALER series has finally been collected in a trade paperback – THANK GOD! While reading this series issue by issue is certainly fun, having the ability to read the first series of this large-scale vampire book all in one shot helps give it a better cinematic sort of feel.

IMPALER is one of the best vampire books I’ve read in years which is saying something in a market where vampires, zombies, and the like are being overused to death. Think of IMPALER as ‘Twilight for Guys’ except with all the things that make vampires great. I use the comparison only because writer William Harms is able to bring something new to the vampire genre. His vampires are deadly and menacing but have a bunch of powers you’ve never seen before. So while Twilight’s queer vampires sparkle (or whatever the hell they do) IMPALER’s vampires bring the death and destruction we all deserve while making vampires seem fresh.


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