Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Controlling The Darkness interview with Phil Hester

Welcome readers to the second edition of Controlling the Darkness with Phil hester. Issue 75 was a jam packed spectacular with a big art jam. It featured Jackie in a post apocalyptic future where everything seems to go terribly wrong and we see a few interesting new characters and a new twist on an old character. So let's jump right into things!

Eric: The first question I have about the issue is how did the idea for the apocalyptic future come up?

Phil: Remember that Viking Darkness one-shot that Oeming and I did? Well, it began with me asking Mike "what do you want to draw"? The first thing he requested was an apocalyptic cityscape and that got my mind churning. The story turned out to be too big for a normal sized one-shot, so we moved on to Mike's second favorite topic: Vikings.


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