Thursday, February 12, 2009

Graze Anatomy: Sketches from Your Publisher

I know some of you have been thinking, "Where the heck are the sketches, Mr. Publisher Guy?"
I have to apologize. I traveled back East before the New York Comic-Con to visit family and did not prep adequately before leaving to ensure I had sketches going up in my absence. Travel, conventions, and a lack of scanners can definitely complicate getting these doodles up on a daily basis. I'm hoping to come up with a solution before my next show (look for me in WonderCon!) so that the few and proud that are looking for my sketches are not denied from daily scribbling.

By the by, a big thanks to all of our fans that came by and said hello during New York Comic-Con. It was very cool to meet all of you. If I looked crazed or busy, it's because I was;)

Without further ado...

This is Sketch #018.

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