Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Graze Anatomy: Sketches from Your Publisher

This weekend, I pulled out my copy of "The Art of Hellboy" and was flipping through it while the wife and I caught up on "The Tudors Season 2". It's a gorgeous book spotlighting a master of the comic craft (Mike Mignola) and I strongly recommend picking it up if you are a fan of art and comic art in particular.
Then I made the mistake of thinking I could draw like Mignola. Big mistake. Anyone who thinks what Mike does is either simple or easy simply has never tried to replicate it with the same style, panache, and sheer understanding of how light and dark can play off each other. Here's my poor man's attempt to draw The Sovereign (currently appearing opposite Jackie Estacado in The Darkness) in a mashup of my style and Mignola's.

This is Sketch #024.

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