Monday, February 23, 2009

Mark Waid discusses Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer with CBR

Seventeen years ago, Top Cow launched its first title, Marc Silvestri’s “Cyberforce.” Over the years, Silverstri’s team of cybernetically enhanced mutants have starred in number of ongoing series, most recently the 2006 Ron Marz penned “Cyberforce” Volume Two. A year before that, Mark Waid teamed with Silvestri to create “Hunter-Killer,” a series about a team of genetically-engineered “Ultrasapiens” who hunt down their rogue brethren for the same government that created them all.

Top Cow’s 2009 summer event, “Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer,” features the long-awaited return of both teams, brought to you by the creative team that rounded out “Hunter-Killer” Season One, writer Mark Waid and artist Kenneth Rocafort. The book will be preceded by a Free Comic Book Day preview in May, and CBR News caught up with Waid to get all the details


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