Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ron Marz & Bryan Edward Hill talk "Broken Trinity: Aftermath"

On sale in April is “Broken Trinity: Aftermath,” the followup to Top Cow Productions’ recent Broken Trinity event. The one-shot is illustrated by Jorge Lucas and Tyler Kirkham, co-written by Ron Marz and Bryan Edward Hill, and depicts the quest for the 13 artifacts in the Top Cow Universe. Following the events of “Broken Trinity” come two new characters, two new stories and another chapter in the growing Witchblade saga. Michael Finnegan wrestles with the power and purpose that comes with the Glacier Stone, and his first test might be saving Darkness wielder Jackie Estacado from himself. Hundreds of miles away, Glorianna Silver suffers from her banishment at the hands of The Angelus, and in order to survive, she will have to embrace the power of the Ember Stone and the destiny it has for her.

In support of the release, co-writers Ron Marz and Bryan Edward Hill join CBR today to discuss with each other their work on the special and its story’s implications for the Top Cow Universe going forward. The pair also get deep into the differences between writing for comics and writing for film.


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