Wednesday, March 18, 2009

365 Days of 'The Darkness' - Phil Hester On His First Year

Well, it hasn't technically been 365 days, but with the upcoming (March 25th) 76th issue of Top Cow's re-numbered The Darkness, writer Phil Hester will celebrate his first year, or in comic book terms, 12 issues, on the title. Originally created by Garth Ennis and Marc Silvestri, the story of a young mob hitman turned wielder of one of the Top Cow universe's most powerful mystical forces has taken some interesting turns under Hester, including setting up its star Jackie Estacado as a South American drug lord/dictator and god-like creator of sentient life.

Newsarama recently spoke with the writer looking back at this first year on the title, about what make Jackie tick generally, and a look towards the future...


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