Monday, March 09, 2009

Pete Wanat Dishes On Wanted: Weapons Of Fate

We recently had a chance to chat with Pete Wanat – executive producer behind Wanted: Weapons of Fate – about the upcoming action title. As fans of Mark Millar’s amoral comic series, as well as the loosely based movie, we jumped at the chance to talk shop with the notoriously honest gaming veteran.

Game Informer: Much of the Wanted fiction was altered when it was translated from graphic novel to the big screen. Will any of the absent features/elements be brought back for the game? Wesley’s infamous suit seems to be making a return, which seems to have pleased many Wanted fans.

Pete Wanat: Our game is based off of the movie incarnation of the Wanted franchise. In fact, our game story begins right where the movie story ends, continuing the mythology of Wesley and the Fraternity into what essentially amounts to “Wanted 1.5.” In the game, the timeline is consistent with the film -- what happened in the movie actually happened – so our content is based off of that core. We worked really hard with the film’s creative team, including Timur and others, to make sure we accurately captured the look, feel and attitude of the motion picture. And I think we nailed it!


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