Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Darkness Accursed Volume 1 spotlighted as "Priced to Move" here’s my new personal stance on the cover price debate that’s been going down the last few months...

While I was typing up the final segment of last week’s column, it occurred to me that there was an opportunity to flip the discussion into something that was more appropriate for my particular forum. Meaning that it would attempt to incorporate the issue without things quickly dissolving into the usual unproductive back and forth that often drowns out many of our online conversations. So instead of wasting anymore time complaining about comics that cost too much, or speculating about what this will ultimately mean for the future of the entire medium, I’m going to start focusing a bit more on comics bucking the current trend by giving us more content for less money. This will become a running theme for a little bit, similar to the “fantastic five” thing I did awhile back which was tacked on to a string of columns.

Naturally, something like this is going to favor collected editions, as the price points are often much more attractive. One of the first things I did after getting laid off was slash my weekly comic budget and switch a bunch of my regular titles over to trade, and I'm sure a lot of you are doing the same. However, all trades are not created equal and this will be reflected in the upcoming listings. And having said that, I’ll be working extra hard to comb the weekly shipping lists to find those unbeatable bargains in singles format---I’m convinced they do in fact exist. To get things properly started this week, I’m going to identify some of the best deals on comics available right this very minute. By no means comprehensive, this list is highly influenced by my own current reading habits (obviously) so feel free to point out things I missed on the thread below. Books are listed in alphabetical order, and intentionally cut across genre and publisher.


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