Wednesday, April 08, 2009

FlushRush lists Witchblade in Top 20 Comic Weapons

The witchblade appears at first glance to simply be an ornate gauntlet, but on the hand of a proper host this symbiotic, intelligent weapon becomes much more. The witchblade is capable of turning into armor to protect its host from harm, swords and other stabbing weapons, shields, and even wings enabling its user to fly. It has on occasion even fired energy blasts, projectiles, and whips or grapples for climbing. A great all-purpose weapon that is only limited by the fact that it can become temperamental and difficult to control if not used frequently or in it’s mind, correctly. Also the witchblade only chooses one host per generation and those hosts are invariably female. If you are a man OR a woman not chosen by the witchblade, don’t try it on unless you like the nickname “Lefty.”


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