Friday, April 24, 2009

Going 'Berserker' - Rick Loverd Talks New Top Cow Series

Blind rage might be a concept that more and more people have become familiar with in the last year or so. Anyone with a 401k plan has probably fought the urge to do some damage to something - be it an inanimate object like a chair or that financial advisor that talked up putting you investment dollars in Citigroup stock.

But what makes us human is the ability to resist the rage. In writer Rick Loverd's new Top Cow series Berserker, he introduces us to some people, who descended from Norse Viking warriors, don't have that off-switch. In fact, when switched on, nobody and nothing is safe in their immediate vicinity.

We recently spoke with Loverd about the origins of the story, how Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia might have saved it from collecting dust in a draw, and the visceral appeal of the sort of carnage he promises in this day and age.


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