Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Comic Book Resources reviews Impaler #3

When I began reading issue #1 of this series, I thought, "wow, this is great -- William Harms just jumps right into this insane story without any exposition at all." I didn't realize that this was the second volume of a series that had begun a couple of years back at Image Comics. I didn't realize that Harms had provided the exposition elsewhere. I just thought he hit the ground sprinting in issue #1 and didn't care who he baffled as long as he kept the momentum going.

For me, speaking as someone who completely missed volume 1, I loved the opening to volume 2. Things were blowing up. Monsters were attacking. Some guy was dying and some other guy -- was that Dracula? -- was all Obi-Wan Kenobi action. Issue #2 came with a "Previously…" page to fill in some details, but by the end of issue #1 I had it mostly figured out, and I never felt like I was being told what was happening. It was all show, all the time.


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