Friday, May 22, 2009

Kenneth Rocafort on Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer

You might not know it yet, but artist Kenneth Rocafort is going to be Top Cow Productions' next big breakout star. That's what Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik and many others in the company believe, anyway

The Puerto Rico-based artist has been making waves as one of Top Cow's most reliable illustrators, as evidenced by his previous work on Mark Waid’s "Hunter-Killer," Paul Dini's "Madame Mirage" and Jonathan Hickman’s "The Core," one of last summer's Pilot Season books. Those projects paved the way for Rocafort's latest and biggest job to date as the artist on "Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer," Top Cow's major summer release. The book, written by Mark Waid, is a hard-earned reward for an artist that has received great praise within Top Cow.


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