Friday, May 01, 2009

Fresh Ink Online with Guest Host Milo Ventimiglia!

TV fans know Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes and Gilmore Girls. Movie fans are familiar with him from his work in Rocky Balboa and the upcoming Armored. But the comic book crowd knows him one of the men behind the awesome Berserker and a co-founder of production company Divide Pictures. The man is a multi-tasker, that’s for sure.

So check him out as guest host of this week’s Fresh Ink Online, where he runs down some of his favorite new comics, including Bad Night, Deadpool, The Darkness, Incognito and Batman: Whatever Happened To Bruce Wayne?

He also gives you an exclusive look at the sketches for the upcoming issue Berserker, and makes a special announcement regarding the new home for his much talked about comic Rest that will have fans in a tizzy. Enjoy!


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