Monday, June 08, 2009

Controlling the Darkness Talking About Top Cow's The Darkness Writer Phil Hester

Welcome to the latest edition of Controlling the Darkness where Phil Hester and I discuss all things Darkness and dig into what happened in the latest issue. This month, Jackie confronts the woman who seemed to be enchanting him last issue and has a long discussion with everyone's favorite mystery man, The Foreigner. So let's jump right in!

Eric: Phil, I believe I saw an Oeming cover for issue #78 is he going to be coming on for an arc?

Phil: Nope. Just a cover he worked up during the time we started talking about Lodbrok's hand.

Eric: Jackie mentally shut himself off from the Darkness?

Phil: Subconsciously. Marisol's death triggered a mental block in him making him unable (actually unwilling) to tap into The Darkness.


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